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How to Get Groceries at Disney World: Essentials Tips + Mini Guide

How to Get Groceries at Disney World: Essentials Tips + Mini Guide

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Walt Disney World trips are expensive. Save money by getting groceries at Disney World. Scroll down to get all the tips!
This how to get groceries at Disney World post was written by Disney travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

When it comes to saving money at Walt Disney World, food is among the first places, most people look to pay less.

Despite hotels and airfare costing far more, budget-conscious families plan their dining experiences with frugality in mind.

Among the most common ways of doing this are quick-service dining, bringing snacks into the parks, and of course, the free Disney dining plan.

Another way to save on food is to get groceries at Disney World for your own food preparation. Most people don’t even know this is possible, but it can be an effective way to spend less money on food during your vacation.

It depends on where you stay and how you plan to get your groceries at Disney World.

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Cooking Meals with Groceries at Disney World

Most hotel rooms at Walt Disney World come with a refrigerator, but you don’t always get much other than that. That means you can store food that is intended to be kept cold, but you can’t heat anything up, let alone cook it.

Keeping food fresh is convenient; however, and it’s a nice way to preserve certain foods for consumption during your stay.

Some rooms in DVC resorts are much different. You may have a studio with a microwave, which dramatically increases your cooking potential.

Villas have full kitchens, where you can really put your groceries to work and prepare delicious meals, just like you were home.

Suites and Villas are also available to book for those who are not members of DVC. Get Away Today can help with that!

At Fort Wilderness campsites and cabins, you have an outdoor grill to use for cooking as well.

Bringing Groceries to Disney World

One of the ways you can save at Walt Disney World with groceries is to pack them in your luggage before your trip.

This stuff is mostly going to be snacks and things that don’t require refrigeration, but you can pack so that these things are with you when you arrive, and you don’t have to take time during your vacation to purchase them.

Snacks come in handy in the parks, especially on a busy day when you are hungry and can’t find a table. A little snack is a great way to buy yourself some time as well as avoid paying too much at snack carts.

How to Get Groceries at Disney World, tips featured by top US Disney blogger, Marcie and the Mouse.

Another big money saver is bringing your own bottled water to Disney World. A palate at your local grocer can cost as much as a single bottle at Walt Disney World.

You can also buy large bottles of water, juice, or soda and pour them into reusable bottles to save money on drinks.

Groceries at Disney World DVC Resorts

If you did not pack groceries or you need some frozen convenience items, you can find them in markets at Home Away From Home resorts. These are deluxe resorts with Disney Vacation Club extensions.

You can purchase things like frozen pizza and waffles. These easily prepared foods are great if you don’t plan to do a lot of cooking, but prefer not to dine out at a restaurant.

The downside is that even though they are convenient, they are more expensive than what you’re used to because you’re on Disney property.

Groceries at Disney World in a Rental Car

If you rent a car at Walt Disney World, there are all kinds of costs and fees associated with that, including gas, parking, and the rental itself. You will have to work the numbers to determine if renting a car has value for you.

How to Get Groceries at Disney World, tips featured by top US Disney blogger, Marcie and the Mouse: grocery shopping in a rental car

One thing a car rental does do is provide the freedom to roam in and out of Walt Disney World as you please.

When it comes to grocery shopping at Walt Disney World, having a rental car has its advantages. There are several grocers located just outside of Disney property. There are even Walmart and Target stores within minutes of leaving the Walt Disney World boundary.

If you are staying at a Disney Vacation Club resort and you drive a rental car, you can easily make an off-property trip to the supermarket and pick up all the groceries you need for your time there.

You can even come up with a meal plan and go wild, buying the ingredients for special dinners.

One way to be inspired is to peruse the menus of Disney World signature restaurants online, or use an official Disney cookbook to bring some magic to your table.

Using Uber or Lyft to get Groceries at Disney World

If you don’t have a car of your own during your stay, don’t worry about it. You really don’t need one. As far as your vacation goes, Disney’s complimentary transit services cover everything.

You get a motorcoach to your resort and back to the airport, plus a variety of transportation options depending on where you stay.

If you are at a Disney Vacation Club resort, you have the best transportation options already, unless you are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge.

The only time you will need to use a car is to leave Walt Disney World during your stay. One instance of this would be getting groceries during your vacation.

You can easily still accomplish this by calling an Uber or Lyft.

Lyft powers the Minnie Van, which is the official Disney option and more expensive. Any of these will get you where you need to go in a hurry.

When you finish your shopping, you can call another Uber, or if you know the trip won’t be long, you can just ask your driver to drive around the parking lot until you come out.

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    Groceries at Disney World Delivered

    The final option for getting your groceries at Disney World is to have them delivered to your hotel. You can deliver anything from Amazon Packages to local groceries to your hotel effortlessly.

    Many of the grocery stores nearby Walt Disney World have an app to make the ordering process even easier. If you are a Shipt member, you can have your Target goods delivered to your resort as well.

    Having food delivered comes with its share of fees. As does getting a ride, or driving there on your own. Make sure when you get groceries at Disney World that you plan ahead and only make one trip, so you optimize your value.

    Disney World Grocery FAQs

    Can I have groceries delivered to my Walt Disney World Resort hotel?

    Yes, you can have groceries delivered to your resort. There are several grocery delivery services such as Amazon Prime Now, Instacart, and Garden Grocer that deliver to Walt Disney World Resort hotels.

    Is there a grocery store on Walt Disney World property?

    There isn’t a full-scale grocery store within Walt Disney World property, but each resort hotel has a shop where you can purchase a limited selection of groceries and essentials.

    Can I bring my own groceries into the Disney parks?

    Yes, guests are allowed to bring food items into the parks. However, there are restrictions on the size of coolers, and glass containers are not allowed.

    Is there a fee for having groceries delivered to my Walt Disney World Resort hotel?

    Some grocery delivery services may charge a delivery fee. Additionally, Walt Disney World Resort hotels may charge a handling fee for receiving and delivering packages, including grocery deliveries, to your room.

    Can I take Disney transportation to a nearby grocery store?

    Disney transportation does not go directly to grocery stores, but you can use a rideshare service like Uber or Lyft to get to nearby grocery stores such as Walmart or Publix.

    Are there refrigerators in Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms for storing groceries?

    Yes, all Walt Disney World Resort hotel rooms are equipped with a small refrigerator.

    What should I do if I have perishable items delivered while I’m in the park?

    It’s best to schedule your grocery delivery for a time when you know you will be at the hotel. Some delivery services allow you to choose a delivery window.

    Are there grocery items that are not allowed in Disney parks?

    Loose ice and glass containers are not permitted. Alcoholic beverages and any item that requires heating are also not allowed.

    Can Disney Dining Plan credits be used for groceries?

    No, Disney Dining Plan credits are for use at participating restaurants and quick service locations, not for grocery purchases.

    Are there options for organic or specialty diet groceries?

    Yes, many grocery delivery services offer a variety of options including organic, gluten-free, and other specialty diet items.

    How to Get Groceries at Disney World Wrap Up

    Stocking up on groceries during your stay at Walt Disney World can significantly enhance your experience by adding convenience and potentially reducing food expenses.

    With several options at your disposal, ranging from delivery services to making a quick trip to nearby stores, it’s easy to find a method that fits your schedule and preferences. It’s important to plan ahead and be informed of any fees or restrictions.

    By having your favorite snacks and essentials on hand, you can focus on creating magical memories with your loved ones without any grocery-related worries. Bon appétit and have a magical stay!

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