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Explore Disney Pixie Dust for Magical Memories with Your Family

Explore Disney Pixie Dust for Magical Memories with Your Family

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Do you love hearing stories about Disney magic? Keep scrolling to read about Disney pixie dust magical moments from real families!
This post about Disney Pixie Dust was written by Disney travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

I’m in the process of planning our Fall trip to LEGOLAND in San Diego. After doing a ton of research about what to do outside LEGOLAND, my husband and I just decided to add a mini trip, particularly in Disney Pixie Dust.

One of the main reasons we’re doing this is Disney’s unsurpassed level of customer service. It’s like Tinker Bell scattered a lot of pixie dust to turn our experience into magical memories.

It’s one of the few places we travel to where we can truly relax. Disney Cast Members are amazing, and they have the power to sprinkle Disney Pixie Dust and pixie dusting wherever they go!

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What is Disney Pixie Dust?

Our family recently was “pixie dusted” at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii.

We were walking back to our hotel room when my mom noticed Pluto hanging out with some cast members in an almost hidden area behind some greenery.

My 4-year-old had been looking for Pluto during our quick trip to Aulani Resort. When my Mom pointed out Pluto, my son smiled and waved.

Photo of a boy meeting Pluto at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa on Oahu as part of a Disney pixie dust moment! #disneysmmc #disney #disneyaulani #aulani #aulaniresort #pluto
These Cast Members made our Aulani trip truly magical! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

We were just happy to have spotted him and continued walking to our room when the cast members waved us over to Pluto! I couldn’t believe we had Pluto all to ourselves for 5 minutes.

We took a few photos, but mostly, Pluto got on all fours and played with my preschooler! It was such a special experience for our family!

Jennifer B. also had a special experience at Aulani:

They made sure my little girl had a wonderful 4th birthday celebration! The resort also gave us our character breakfast for free after an unexpected 50 minute wait despite having reservations.

Explore Disney Pixie Dust for Magical Memories with Your Family: Photo of a birthday treat at Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii #disney #disneyaulani #aulani #aulanibreakfast
What a fun birthday surprise at Aulani! Photo credit: Jennifer B

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So, in celebration of our upcoming mini Disneyland trip, I asked some families to share their Disneyland Pixie Dust stories:

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First trips to Disneyland are always so special, but what a wonderful extra touch:

Our first trip in 2016 my daughter was gifted a Lady teddy from one of the shops on Main Street Disneyland. The lady working in the shop was so sweet. I will always remember that.” –Kelly H.

Explore Disney Pixie Dust for Magical Memories with Your Family: Photo of Main Street USA at Disneyland Resort in California #disneyland #mainstreetusa
Main Street USA at Disneyland Resort in California. Photo credit: Disneyland

And they are wonderful at birthday surprises:

When my oldest turned 4, I asked what she would like for her birthday and all she wanted was to meet Cinderella. We had been discussing taking her at 5, but figured why not? So we planned our trip to Disneyland. We didn’t tell her until we got there and the first thing we did was head to the Bibbidi Boppidi Boutique for her Cinderella makeover.

After we went to the Princess Fantasy Fair (this was before they had the walk through) where she had passed out and missed it 🙁 I asked a cast member if they knew of any times/places Cinderella would be and told her the story and she asked us to stay put. Moments later Cinderella was coaxing her awake with the happy birthday song. My girl’s eyes opened and she SCREAMED ‘it’s you! It’s really you! I knew you were real!’ Tears were pouring down both our cheeks ” –Christina F.

Sometimes, the magic is being at the right place at the right time:

My son’s high school band played in the park and were in a sound studio with Alan Menken! It was an amazing experience for all of us.” –Kiz L.

And it can extend to Disneyland hotels:

We’ve received a lot of pixie dust over the years. Perhaps the biggest was when my husband booked a theme park view room at the Paradise Pier hotel for my birthday last summer and we got upgraded to the Huntington Suite!” –Hilary R. from Eco Friendly Mama

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Well, with stories like this, I have to keep them coming! So, in celebration of our first trip to Walt Disney World this December, here are some more Disney pixie dust moments:

Walt Disney World Pixie Dust

Losing a tooth can be tricky on vacation:

Last month when we were staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge at WDW our daughter lost a tooth. We actually experienced pixie dust twice from this event. First, my husband had the two worn-out kids by himself at dinner while I was at an event. Our daughter was so worried about eating and our little guy was bouncing off the walls. Taylor at Jiko came to the rescue, made our daughter comfortable and got her excited about dinner all the while helping to keep the exhausted little brother out of trouble.

Then, someone suggested that the hotel might have a pin for losing your tooth so I called the front desk. Within minutes there was a knock on the door with the sweetest stuffed animal and note that the tooth fairy had dropped it off.“–Liana M. from Insider Families

Photo of a Disney stuffed animal and note as part of Disney pixie dust while staying at Walt Disney world #disney #disneysmmc #waltdisneyworld #disneypixiedust
I love how Tinkerbell brought a bit of Tooth Fairy magic! Photo credit: Liana M. from Insider Families

What a treat for this popcorn enthusiast:

At Epcot my son wanted popcorn but in the window of the cart was only flavored which I knew he’d hate and I didn’t have my wallet (my husband had it with the stroller.) So I told him I don’t have my wallet that his dad had it. The cast member them just gave us some popcorn.“–Margo S.

When Mickey gives you free ice cream:

We had a great time chatting with Jay at Ample Hills. He was so good with my kids. This was our 3rd time getting ice cream there on our trip (hey, we were staying at Boardwalk ha!) and the first time my kids got ice cream shaped like Mickey! As I went to check out, he told the kids that Mickey has actually called and was giving us the ice cream on the house. ? Pixie Dust!” –Melissa M. from Sippy Cup Mom

Photo of a girl receiving a Mickey ice cream cone as part of a Cast Member's Disney pixie dust magic! #disney #disneysmmc #mickeyicecream #mickeytreats
What a special Disney surprise! Photo credit: Melissa M.

It can be so disappointing to cancel a trip to Walt Disney World:

In January we had a Disney trip planned. We had an early flight, so we had packed the night before. We woke up, got ourselves ready, and then went in to get our 1 year old up and ready, but instead had to rush him to the ER because we found him struggling to breath. Instead of going on our Disney vacation, we spent the week in the pediatric ICU.

Luckily our son made a full recovery and we re-booked our trip for March. March came around and we had to cancel last minute again, this time due to the flu sweeping through our family. Luckily we all made a full recovery, and all remained healthy long enough for us to feel comfortable planning another trip. We planned it very last minute this time, with only about a week between booking our trip and the flight.

We finally all made it to Disney World, but because we had booked so last minute, we were unable to get most of the fast passes we were hoping for. I explained the situation to guest services, hoping for just 1 fast pass for one of the harder to book rides or shows, but instead she gave my entire party 1 fast pass to flight of passage (the hardest to score Fast Pass) and 3 additional Fast Passes to any rides we’d like at any of the 4 Disney World Parks!! After all of the disappointment we went through to get there, this act of kindness was truly a magical moment.” –Samantha G.

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Water is ALWAYS a good idea:

May of 2017, we were in Magic Kingdom on a really hot day and my daughter and husband bought a water near Liberty Square. A cast member passed by as they were walking to Frontier Land to meet my son and I, and she said ‘Water! Smart choice’ or something to that effect, and filled out a special Fast Pass for 4 of us to hop on Buzz Lightyear’s space ranger spin! That was pretty cool!” –Joni P.

A special souvenir they will always remember:

On our first family trip to Disney, my kids were 3 & 5. And you know, characters were the big thing for them. We had been to Magic Kingdom and Epcot. After we had made the rounds of Epcot, we went through the Nemo ride. We came out in the shopping area and went on our way.

Later on, we started just you know taking our things and noticed that my daughters autograph book was gone. So, we backtracked to my husband went back to the Nemo shopping area and asked the Cast Member if anyone had turned in an autograph book. But ,they had not seen one. They took my husband’s phone number and said they would call us if they found it. We were sick because it had probably 25 autographs in it at this point.

So, we’re getting ready to leave the park after fireworks and my husband looks at his phone and saw he had a missed call. He called it back and it was a Cast Member saying that he needed my husband to come back to the store where we thought we left autograph book.

When he got there, they gave him a new autograph book with all the character signatures in it, even extra characters that we hadn’t seen and a cute little Minnie Mouse pen to go with it. We were in shock. We couldn’t believe they would do such a nice thing for us. I always tell people who think that Disney is just amusement park that it’s the magic of Disney: it’s the Cast Members, it’s the way you’re treated and greeted at Disney that makes it so awesome.” –Margo S.

Explore Disney Pixie Dust for Magical Memories with Your Family: Photo of Anna and Elsa from Frozen at Walt Disney World #disney #waltdisneyworld #disneyfrozen #annaandelsa
How special to get autographs from all the Disney characters! Photo credit: Disneyland Resort

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Sometimes servers can make all the difference:

We went to Garden Grill in Epcot on my daughter’s 2nd birthday and we truly felt like family. It was our first time in Epcot for all of us and we fell in love with it and Garden Grill was a HUGE factor in that.

Starting out, our server was amazing and explained to me (nut allergy) what I would be eating since it is served family style and I would have my own plate. She also entertained my 2-year-old while we were trying to eat our food, which was a huge blessing.

Every time a character would come by our table, she would always be there too and soaked up the magic with us as well. My daughter was unsure about the characters at first but since it was a sit-down atmosphere they went around 3 or 4 times. By the second time, she was giving them hugs and kisses. She even chased Chip around the restaurant. All with our server making sure we had everything we needed and laughing along when our daughter would scream in delight when a new character came by.

I could see the tears well up in her eyes like mine. She really loved seeing my daughter get excited! Pluto gave all of us hugs by the end of our meal and at that point, my daughter squeezed them tighter than me. She even played our special “boop” the nose game with Mickey Mouse. Her laughter and smiles made our whole vacation special! I still dream about the fruit cobbler we ended our meal with and I will hold that memory tight.” –Meg M from Gingy Love.

Photo of a girl making magical memories with Pluto at Walt Disney World with some Disney Pixie Dust magic #disney #disneysmmc #pluto #waltdisneyworld #disneypixiedust #pixiedust
What a sweet moment with Pluto! Photo credit: Meg M from Gingy Love

What a sweet Disney babymoon surprise:

My pregnant self and my husband were celebrating our Babymoon at WDW. We booked a Crystal Palace breakfast reservation because my husband likes to sneak puffed french toast from the kids’ section! The CM who seated was chatting with me about our first baby and our pregnancy. She seated us and left. As we were chatting she returned with a special gift to mark this occasion, a fabulous picture frame! My pregnant hormonal self started to cry. She said we were lovely to talk and wanted us to have this gift!!!” –Sharon H.

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Holiday pixie dust at Walt Disney World:

The first time we went to Disney at Christmas, we went the day after Christmas through New Year’s. Our daughter Erin so much wanted one of those Mickey Ear Santa hats. We looked EVERYWHERE…and none to be found.

The night we went to Hollywood Studios, our Erin approached a young man working the DVC stand and asked him if she could buy his Mickey Santa Hat from him. The guy said….it’s sweaty…cuz Ive been wearing it for a week…but its yours.” And he gave it to her. She was Sooo Happy. She asked if she could take a photo with the guy, he smiled and just like that…..He Made Our Girl’s Disney Christmas.

She was floating above the ground as we walked through the magic of the Osborne Lights. I don’t know his name…but he epitomized pixie dust for us. Thank you young man.” –Diane R.

What a once-in-a-lifetime experience:

My family got to Hollywood Studios early for rope drop to get my daughter to Jedi Training sign ups. We were first in line at our turnstile. We chatted with the Cast Member who had worked for Disney for awhile. Our group consisted of me, my husband, my 6 yr old daughter and 4 yr old son and my in-laws. We all had on our Star Wars t-shirts as well.

The cast member came over and explained to us that every day they choose a family to open the park and welcome everyone to HS and asked if we’d like to do it. We couldn’t believe it. He told us to that we would say “welcome to Hollywood Studios”. We stopped inside the park which seems minor but so thrilling to be the first family inside. Donald came and we did some pics then the cast member gave us the cue, we belted out “welcome to Hollywood studios”! Then my husband and daughter bolted to.the Jedi sign-ups line.” –Margo S.

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At Walt Disney World, dreams really DO come true:

DISNEY MAGIC IS SO REAL! When my new husband & I arrived at the Yacht Club for our honeymoon, the Cast Members sat us down on a couch in the lobby and notified us that we’d been upgraded and took us up to the Club Level. We were already in disbelief, but had no idea what was in store.

After check-in with the concierge, we took the room number & started searching the halls of my favorite resort. A bellhop was waiting at the end of the one of the hallways (with our luggage, but he said he really just wanted to see our faces). That’s when we saw the double doors- somehow, some way Disney gifted us the most incredible wedding present- a gorgeous Yacht Club multi-bedroom/multi-bathroom/multi-balcony suite!!!!

As a little girl staying there with my parents and siblings, I had always passed by those double doors and dreamed longingly of seeing the other side. ‘Who got to stay there? Presidents? Celebrities? If only I were a princess,’ I thought to myself. If this is all a dream, please don’t wake me. My husband and I are overwhelmed by Disney’s incredible ability to make magic happen. We didn’t know who to thank so we kept thanking everyone we saw!!!!”” –Alex H.

Photo of a bride getting some Disney pixie dust with a free Walt Disney World room upgrade! #disney #disneysmmc #waltdisneyworld #disneypixiedust
Now, this may be the coolest honeymoon surprise ever! Photo credit: Alex H.

Any YOU can spread a little Disney Pixie Dust, too:

My husband and I ran away from home for a quick Disney overnight for our 5th anniversary. It was hot and loaded with band kids for some competition. I got chatting in line with one of the chaperones about how exhausting it must be to be responsible for many kids while there. When it was my turn in line to buy a drink I offered to buy the hot and tired Dad a drink, and the CM who served me comped both our drinks. The CM then specifically thanked me for being kind and trying to buy the Dad a drink. It’s such a tiny thing. And it was 15 years ago. And it still makes me happy to think about it.” –Leah F. from Fort Birthday

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Daneisha Smith

Monday 23rd of July 2018

I can wait to take my son to Disney!!! He loves Mickey Mouse and all of the other characters. so I know that he will enjoy this!


Tuesday 24th of July 2018

It really is such a magical family vacation! I hope you guys have fun!


Saturday 21st of July 2018

I am not a huge Disney character fan but I will say that the customer service at Disney and all the special touches makes it amazing.


Sunday 22nd of July 2018

They really go above and beyond!

Helen Little

Saturday 21st of July 2018

I've never been to Disney but now I want to! My son would love it. I'm so glad you visited after 2 unlucky incidents. And this post really captures the magic of the place.


Sunday 22nd of July 2018

I'm so glad she finally made it, too!


Saturday 21st of July 2018

What a fun experience! We haven't been since we were first married.


Sunday 22nd of July 2018

I bet it would make a fun anniversary trip :)

All She Things

Saturday 21st of July 2018

Your pictures are truly magical! It's not the happiest place on earth for nothing!


Sunday 22nd of July 2018

It's seriously a magical vacation spot!

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