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Europe in Spring: 9 Best Cities Worth Visiting

Europe in Spring: 9 Best Cities Worth Visiting

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Are you thinking of planning a trip to Europe in Spring but aren’t sure where to go? Keep scrolling to check out my top 9 picks for the best cities in Europe to visit in Spring!
This list of the best cities to visit in Europe in Spring was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

Summer is the high season in Europe. But if you’re the type of traveler who prefers doing things a little differently, springtime in the Old Continent is sure to please.

Not only are places less crowded and prices significantly lower during this time of the year, but plenty of cities all over Europe sure know how to welcome the season right.

After all, winters are cold and long in Europe, and spring brings in warmer temperatures and sunny days, making locals more cheerful and activities a true blast to enjoy.

From cities that get covered in purple wisteria trees to islands that are usually too crowded to enjoy during the summer months, these are the best cities in Europe to visit in spring.

The Best Cities in Europe to Visit in Spring

1. London, United Kingdom

The capital of England is always a good idea no matter the time of the year. But there’s something about spring that makes London truly magical.

Tower bridge at spring, London
Tower Bridge is a top London attraction.

You’ll get to see most of the tourist highlights sans the crowds. These include Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square, and St Paul’s Cathedral. These are great spots for London first-timers.

Visiting them without so many people around really does make a huge difference in the overall experience!

Image of Wisteria trees in front of a white building with a pink door
How gorgeous are these Wisteria blossoms?

Moreover, one of the reasons London is one of the best cities to visit in spring is because its streets get blanketed in gorgeous wisteria trees!

Some of the best spots to see these trees in full bloom include Bedford Gardens in Notting Hill, Kynance Mews, Walden Books at Chalk Farm, Eastcote Gardens in Hillingdon, and Cheyne Walk in Chelsea. These are some of the top hidden gems in London!

Make it a mission to make a full day out of going in search of spots covered in purple tones for the ultimate London in spring activity! Plus, it’s perfect for a London photo shoot!

2. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is another wonderful city to visit in Europe if you’d rather celebrate spring in a completely unique way.

You will still be able to see flowers all over, but there’s something peculiar that happens in Prague during the springtime – Walpurgis Night.

Image of wood burning in celebration of Walpurgis Night in Prague
Celebrate Walpurgis Night in Prague.

In English, Walpurgis Night means Witches Night. While it may sound like an event that should be scheduled for October, it’s very much a spring thing here!

The festival brings in bonfires, tons of food, and plenty of live entertainment meant to welcome the spring and everything new. This date is celebrated in other European countries, but Prague makes sure to do it big time and is very welcoming to foreign visitors.

Image of a Prague landscape in Spring
Spring is a lovely time to visit Prague.

Aside from joining in on the festival, you’ll also love being able to explore Prague’s most popular attractions. These include Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, the St Vitus Cathedral, and the Prague Astronomical Clock without having to deal with crowds.

3. Bonn, Germany

Located in Germany, Bonn isn’t a city that usually appears on guides to the best places to visit in Germany.

Despite its lack of popularity, though, Bonn is an absolute treat to visit. This is especially true during the months of spring, when the entire city gets coated in cherry blossoms!

Street lined with cherry blossoms in Bonn, Germany
Don’t miss the cherry blossoms in Bonn, Germany.

Even though you’d expect to find them in Japan, Bonn is a wonderful place to see the trees. Back during the 1980s, cherry blossoms were planted all over the city, and up to today, they continue to bloom every March. 

The best places to see them include Maxtrasse, Michaelstrasse, and the entire Nordtrads neighborhood.

Be sure to check out all my Germany travel tips before you plan your trip!

4. Paris, France

Much like London, Paris is a gem to visit any time of the year. But there’s something extremely charming about walking its absolutely gorgeous streets during the spring.

Mild temperatures, fewer crowds in comparison to the summer, and lower prices are all part of what makes a spring trip to Paris amazing. This is one of my top Paris tips for first-timers.

Spring in Paris. Blossoming cherry tree and Eiffel tower. Focus on the Eiffel tower
It’s hard to beat Paris in springtime.

But what makes it magical is the fact that flowers bloom all over the city.

Think balconies draped in greenery, buildings covered in flowers, and gardens and parks blanketed by trees in full bloom and you’ll get a pretty great idea of how colorful the city can get during this time of the year! It’s the perfect Paris photo backdrop!

Two Parisian women drinking coffee together in an outdoor cafe with wisteria in full bloom. Paris, France
Enjoy dining outside at a Parisian cafe.

This is also the time when the coffee culture in Paris begins. Sidewalk cafés all over the city start popping up. There’s something about seeing people sitting outside having a chat or doing people-watching that simply screams Paris. 

Moreover, there are plenty of unique activities to enjoy in Paris during the springtime. This includes “Nuit des Musee” when major museums stay open at night as well as tons of Easter festivals.

5. Corfu, Greece

As one of the dreamiest beach destinations in Europe, Corfu is an island that is much sought-after during the summer months. During spring, however, it starts to see visitors while still staying pretty quiet and low-key.

Paleokastritsa Bay in Corfu Greece
Paleokastritsa Bay in Corfu Greece

Mediterranean vibes, authentic mountain villages, historical buildings, and plenty of entertainment are all part of what makes a trip to Corfu a superb experience.

During the spring months, some restaurants and bars remain closed awaiting the high season for summer. But you will be able to find plenty of them open, especially if you go for local ones or those set on the coast.

A view to the main part of Corfu town
Try walking around Kerkira in Corfu.

Try hiking through olive groves, exploring the dreamy historical downtown of Corfu Town, or snorkeling at Porto Timoni.

I also recommend hiking to Palaiokastritsa to find the spot where legend has it, Odysseus met Nausicaa. These are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy in this incredible island.

6. Seville, Spain

Seville is one of the most popular cities in Spain. It’s also the capital of Andalusia. This is a gorgeous region in Southern Spain that feels completely different in comparison to the rest of the country. 

The Giralda in Seville Spain
The Giralda in Seville Spain

Seville sees warm weather year-round. However, visiting during the spring means you won’t have to deal with the scorching hot temperatures summers sometimes bring in.

Thanks to that fact, you’ll be able to explore the city comfortably. You will also get to appreciate the city’s unique Mudejar architecture and other highlights without tons of people around.

Walking during the spring months is a true treat that isn’t always possible when it gets too hot later in the year!

Sevilla Plaza de Espana in Andalusia Spain.
Sevilla Plaza de Espana in Andalusia Spain.

Moreover, if you get the chance, make sure to plan a few day trips from Seville to explore the rest of the Andalusia region. It’s known for Moorish architecture, striking nature, and lots of wine.

There are also tons of easy day trips from Seville. Ronda, Granada, Malaga, Cadiz, and plenty of Pueblos Blancos (white towns) are all located close to Seville.

I highly recommend doing a day trip to Malaga. You’ll find tons of hidden gems in Spain in these towns.

7. Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden may still be a bit cold during the spring. But if you don’t mind wearing a jacket, Stockholm is absolutely gorgeous this time of the year.

Fountain in front of Drottningholms slott (royal palace) outside of Stockholm, Sweden
Drottningholms Slott is the royal palace in Sweden.

Come March, Stockholm turns into true eye candy when cherry blossoms all over the city begin to bloom, adding an extra touch of beauty to its already gorgeous streets.

The ultimate place to see the trees is the Kungsträdgården behind the Royal Palace.

The annual cherry blossoms in Kungstradgarden at night.
The annual cherry blossoms in Kungstradgarden at night.

Moreover, you can also pop by the garden when Körsbärsblommans Dag is taking place in late April. This is a festival meant to celebrate cherry blossoms through music, entertainment, and food!

8. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

No list of the best cities to visit in Europe during the spring would be complete without including Amsterdam.

Tulip field in the Netherlands.
Spring is a popular time to visit the Netherlands specifically to see the tulips.

After all, the Netherlands is known for its colorful tulips. Amsterdam doesn’t only get decorated with them in March, but it also acts as an easy gateway to visit tulip fields. Just make sure to arrive as early as in the spring in order to see them.

Aside from that, spring in the Netherlands brings in plenty of unique festivals, including the traditional King’s Day in April which is a massive outdoor party.

Bikes decorated with flowers in Amsterdam the Netherlands in spring
How cute are thes bikes decorated with flowers in Amsterdam?

Spring also means beautiful weather in Amsterdam and now that winters are over, riding your bike just as locals do is possible.

This is a great way to explore, and you can also stop anytime you feel like it in order to enjoy the many outdoor coffee shops that start popping up all over the city now that temperatures are warmer.

Plus, there are tons of kid-friendly Amsterdam hotels!

9. Vienna, Austria

Gorgeous historical buildings, thriving culture, and arts are all part of what makes the City of Music a magical place to visit.

Statue of famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the Burggarten, Vienna, Austria
Statue of famous composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the Burggarten, Vienna, Austria

Once temperatures start rising, Vienna’s outdoor coffee shops and gorgeous parks get filled with people pleased to welcome sunny days back.

The Vienna Spring Festival takes place in April and May at the Konzerhaus and other venues around the city. This is a classic music festival that takes place every year!

Even if you’re not a huge fan of classic music, this is a great cultural activity to enjoy in Vienna considering it is one of the most important music hubs in the world.

Belvedere Castle in Vienna
Belvedere Castle is another top Vienna attraction.

Moreover, plenty of spots around the city get dotted with cherry blossom trees. This makes Vienna’s already gorgeous buildings look even prettier than ever.

One of the best places in the city to see them is the Hainburger Weg in the third district, which is actually commonly nicknamed the “cherry blossom street” by locals.

Where to Go in Spring in Europe Wrap Up

Are you currently planning a trip to Europe during the spring? What are some other destinations you’re excited to visit? Let us know about your spring plans in the comment section below!

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