Are you pregnant and dreaming of a relaxing babymoon somewhere fun but not too far away?

Check out all these amazing US babymoon destinations!

MAUI, Hawaii

Maui is an excellent US babymoon destination because of it's safety, no risks of food borne diseases or contaminated drinking water, you’ll find easy access to top-quality medical care if you need it

MIAMI, Florida

In Miami, you can experience a bit of everything. Spend plenty of time poolside or on the beach relaxing guilt-free. Spend even more time relaxing at one of the many amazing spas.


With its relaxing vibes, delicious mommy-to-be approved comfort food, and idyllic setting, there’s no better place to turn up the romance before becoming parents than Savannah, Georgia.

Charleston, SC

South Carolina is a great babymoon destination for several reasons. It has beautiful beaches and coastal towns, charming historic cities, and plenty of opportunities for relaxation and pampering.

Lake Tahoe, CA

Its breathtaking natural beauty provides a relaxing and serene atmosphere that is perfect for expectant parents to unwind and enjoy some peaceful time together.

San Diego, CA

San Diego has many luxurious accommodations, spas, and wellness centers that cater to expectant parents seeking relaxation and pampering.

Key West, Florida

The island’s tropical atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and charming architecture create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere for expectant parents.

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