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Has your body, um, changed since having kids? Of course it has! Growing tiny humans is quite a feat. And that means your favorite clothes that you wore pre-pregnancy might not fit anymore. We went on vacation with our 6 month old and I remember feeling horrified when I realized none of my clothes fit correctly once we got to our destination! That’s why I want to talk to you about where you can find custom pants, dresses, jumpsuits and more without having to drag the kids shopping.

What is Zulily?

If you are a mom, I’m sure you’ve browsed the Zulily website. From fluffy tutus, to maternity wear, to home decor, to tons of toys, Zulily is one of the coolest shopping experiences for families. And everyday, there’s something new! It’s extra cool for our family because the Zulily headquarters is in Seattle, close to where we live!

I’ve had two beautiful kiddos in the past 3 years. I knew my body would fluctuate through pregnancy and post-partum. What I didn’t count on is that even if I went back to my pre-pregnancy size, I might not be able to fit into my old jeans. Everything seemed to shift. Plus, I now spend most of my time playing cars on the floor with my oldest or running upstairs to tend to my crying baby. I’m always on the go.

I realized on my latest trip to Vancouver, BC that I needed something warmer than leggings. I went through all my old jeans (and I had a lot) and none of them fit me. I went to the store and tried on pair after pair of jeans and I couldn’t find anything that felt comfortable. I ended up getting a pair that fit at first and then slowly would stretch out and I would constantly be pulling them up. Not a flattering look.

So, when Svelte contacted me to try their shapewear, I was intrigued. I’ve never really be into shapewear. I guess I just think of Spanx. But, I looked through their website and I thought their clothes were not only cute, but they looked like they were good quality. Then I saw that they offered jeans! I knew I needed to try them out!