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7 Spookiest Halloween Hotels in the United States

7 Spookiest Halloween Hotels in the United States

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Are you looking for haunted places to stay in the United States? Find out some of the best Halloween hotels perfect for people who love ghosts. Scroll down to read more!
This list of the spookiest Halloween hotels in the U.S. was written by family travel expert Marcie Cheung and contains affiliate links which means if you purchase something from one of my affiliate links, I may earn a small commission that goes back into maintaining this blog.

Are you looking for a spooky place to stay this Halloween?

If so, you’ve got to check this out. We have compiled a list of some of the most terrifying places where ghosts and ghouls roam free.

Historic hotels have always inspired urban legends and stories, many of which have a bit of a dark twist to them.

You can find these hotels all over America – from New York City to California, there are plenty of options available.

These hotels will give you goosebumps all over! From ghostly sightings and paranormal activity to chilling history lessons, these places will take your breath away (in both good ways and bad).

So get ready for some serious chills this Halloween by checking out our list of spookiest haunted hotels in America. We guarantee it won’t disappoint!

What are you waiting for? Scroll down and start planning your trip today! These hotels will be open during October so book soon before they fill up fast!

Spooky Hotels in the USA to Spend Halloween:

The Stanley Hotel: Estes Park, Colorado

For decades, the Stanley Hotel has been made infamous for its paranormal activity.

Guests have reported hearing the piano in the music room playing itself, heavy objects moving across the room, and even giggles seemingly coming out of nowhere. Check out the latest reviews.

It doesn't get much creepier than the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado. Image of a white and red hotel surrounded by dry mountains.
Stanely Hotel in Estes Park, CO

Despite its luxury status, a stay in one of the Stanley Hotel haunted rooms is only for the bravest folks out there! It’s said to be one of the most haunted hotels in the entire world, so much that it inspired Stephen King’s novel, The Shining.

Besides the Stanely Hotel ghosts, this hotel is famous for its old-world charm—multiple renovations have restored this 140-room hotel, equipped with modern amenities while still maintaining its original grandeur.

It’s located just steps away from downtown Estes Park’s charming Main Street shops and galleries. It offers unique shopping experiences found nowhere else.

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Cecil Hotel: Los Angeles, California

Even though the hotel’s management tried to change its name to get rid of its dark reputation, it’s pretty hard to forget the tragic past of this creepy hotel in Los Angeles.

Ever since the 1930s, Cecil Hotel has been the setting of mysterious suicides and murders (so many that a lot of the hotel’s stories inspired the 5th season of American Horror Story).

The Cecil Hotel is one of the most haunted hotels in the United States. Image of a spooky hotel with updated Stay on Main orange signage.
Stay on Main Hotel (formerly Cecil Hotel) in Los Angeles, CA.

As if that weren’t enough to deter anyone from staying here, legend has it that the spirits of the people whose lives ended at the hotel never really left the premises… eek!

The hotel has since been renamed Stay on Main.

You can also join the DTLA Murder Mystery Ghost Tour, which includes a stop here.

Omni Parker House, Boston, Massachusets

The bad news? The Omni Parker House is said to be incredibly haunted, but the bright side is that the ghost who roams the halls at night is said to be that of the hotel’s founder, Harvey Parker.

Mr. Parker’s spirit still takes its role as founder very seriously, and its aim when roaming about is to ensure guests enjoy their stay – talk about ghastly hospitality! Check latest rates and more information.

The Omni Parker House is one of the most haunted Halloween hotels in Boston. Image of the Omni Parker House sign.
Omni Parker House in Boston, Massachusetts.

After an exciting day of exploring Boston, guests can relax in the comfort and luxury of this full-service hotel.

The property is located near 13 historic sites from the Freedom Trail, just a short walk away, perfect for those looking to take advantage of their next getaway!

While in Boston, sign up for the Boston Ghosts & Gravestones Night-Time Trolley Tour. Check rates and availability.

The Crescent Hotel, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

Built in 1886 in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, the Crescent Hotel was once the base of Norman Baker. He was a vicious entrepreneur and criminal who marketed the premises as where patients could get a fake cure for cancer.

Even though the Crescent Hotel was turned into an incredibly luxurious retreat, many guests have reported paranormal sightings.

The Crescent Hotel is one of the spookiest Halloween hotels in the United States. Image of a grand hotel sitting on a hill surrounded by trees in fall.
The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

And the management even offers tours in order to allow guests to get acquainted with the ghosts a little better! Check latest rates and more information.

Guests enjoy staying at an upgraded version of what used to be a popular destination among those who love ghost stories.

All rooms are decorated with Victorian furniture and private bathrooms making them all-around great places for restful nights’ sleep after exploring historic sites nearby or playing on one of the area’s golf courses during daytime hours!

Malaga Inn, Mobile, Alabama

Considered the most haunted hotel in Alabama, the Malaga Inn dates back to the Civil War era and still conserves the atmosphere and decoration of the time.

Malaga Inn

Originally, the two buildings that make up the hotel were a wedding gift for two sisters, and guests claim to have spotted the ghost of at least one of them (mainly on the balcony of room 007).

Moreover, many guests have reported seeing lights turning on by themselves, chandeliers swinging about, and even furniture moving across the rooms. Check latest rates and more information.

With views of a garden and various activities within its surroundings, including fishing and canoeing, this historic hotel is steps from the Mobile Carnival Museum.

Guests can also walk to the USS Alabama Battleship Memorial Park or visit the nearby Fort Conde Museum!

And you can join a Zombies Scavenger Hunt!

La Posada, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Some people just love their homes, so much that they don’t dare leave the house even after passing away. 

La Posada

La Posada was once Julia Staab’s home, who, after the death of her 8th child, sunk into a deep depression and was never seen again by her neighbors.

Her specter is said to roam about the hotel, especially in Suite 100, where her former bedroom was set. Check latest rates and more information.

A resort situated in Santa Fe, New Mexico is within walking distance of the famous art galleries on Canyon Road.

Guests can relax by its outdoor swimming pool or pamper themselves at a spa while they enjoy 4 different restaurants serving dishes from across the world.

While you’re visiting, join the Santa Fe Haunted Spirits Tour. Check rates and availability.

Redmont Hotel, Birmingham, Alabama

The Redmont Hotel in Birmingham, Alabama, is considered haunted due to numerous reports of ghostly encounters and paranormal activities throughout its long history.

Redmont Hotel

Guests and staff have shared stories of unexplained occurrences, such as elevators moving between floors on their own, lights turning on and off without reason, and cold breezes in closed rooms. Check the latest rates and availability.

There are also tales of ghostly apparitions, including the spirit of a woman in white and the ghost of Clifford Stiles, a former owner, who is believed to wander the halls.

The rich history of the hotel, which opened in 1925, combined with these reports, has contributed to its haunted reputation.

Halloween Vacations FAQs

Where is the best place to go for Halloween?

If you’re looking for awesome Halloween towns in the U.S., head to Salem, Massachusetts or Sleepy Hollow, New York. They really know how to celebrate the holiday with all kinds of spooky events and activities.

What country has the best Halloween festivities?

You’ll want to head over to Europe if you’re really serious about a Halloween vacation of a lifetime. Top European Halloween destinations include Transylvania, Romania; London, England; Dublin, Ireland; Edinburgh, Scotland; and Prague, Czech Republic.

Where are the scariest places to spend Halloween?

The scariest Halloween events in the U.S., according to many people, are Six Flags Fright Fest, Knott’s Scary Farm, Erebus Haunted Attraction, Bennet’s Curse Haunted House, and Witches of New Salem.

Are there any haunted hotels in Boston?

Yes, Boston is home to several hotels with ghostly reputations, including the Omni Parker House, which is often cited as one of the most haunted hotels in the city.

Are there any haunted hotels in Alabama?

Yes, Alabama boasts a number of haunted hotels, with the Redmont Hotel in Birmingham being particularly renowned for its paranormal activity and ghostly sightings.

Are there any haunted hotels in Sleepy Hollow NY?

While Sleepy Hollow, NY, is famous for its legendary Headless Horseman, the town itself doesn’t have any well-known haunted hotels; however, the surrounding Hudson Valley area has several places with ghostly reputations.

Halloween Hotels and Resorts Wrap-Up

So if you want to experience your scariest Halloween yet, look at these haunted hotels where you can spend a ghoulishly memorable night. If you’re brave enough, that is!

Would you dare stay at one of these haunted hotels in the USA? The experience is certainly not for the faint of heart, but if you love a thrill, make sure to add these hotels to your Halloween bucket list!

Looking for more Halloween travel ideas? Find out the best East Coast Halloween towns, best places to celebrate Halloween in the U.S., Halloween traditions around the world, and best small towns in Mexico to celebrate Day of the Dead.


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