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My family loves to travel, whether it’s internationally or closer to home. This means we pack a lot of bags and have to think smartly about our clothing choices. Gone are the days where I could pack twice as many outfits for myself and fancy clothing for “just in case.” Now that we have two kiddos, it’s all about streamlining and getting the most bang out of our suitcase space, especially when I’m traveling with them on my own. This is where Zutano is a great fit for my family and our lifestyle.

Zutano booties for babies

Photo Credit: Britnae Sanelli Photography
Ever since my oldest was born, my Mommy friends have been raving about Zutano’s booties. They claim they are the only booties that actually stay on their baby’s feet. With my oldest, his socks never seemed to come off of his feet. By the time he started pulling them off, the weather was getting warmer and he ended up barefoot a lot. However, this time around, my youngest was born in early Fall and I really wanted to make sure that he stayed warm as we were out and about much earlier and more often than with my oldest.

Zutano clothing for babies and toddlers

Photo Credit: Britnae Sanelli Photography

Zutano sent us a package with outfits for both of my kiddos. My toddler was excited to open the box and then as he pulled out his clothing, he kept exclaiming “Is this for me?” He was instantly in love with the rocket ship shirt because he’s obsessed with space things and insisted on wearing it immediately. I was obsessed with the orange pants because I knew he’d be easy to spot at the airport or even our neighborhood park. We both loved the jacket because it was so soft (yes, my toddler petted it) and it was reversible, which is the best thing ever for a messy toddler.

My youngest was not as enthusiastic about the clothing, but that’s to be expected from a newborn. I loved the kimono-style shirt because it’s a bit easier to get on than pulling something over his head. This is especially helpful when we are doing a clothing change in a public restroom or on an airplane. The booties are fabulous because they do actually stay on his feet. They are perfect for chilly airplane rides and touring around town. I especially appreciate how bright they are so I can easily find them!

Zutano clothing for toddlers

Photo Credit: Britnae Sanelli Photography

Zutano clothing is great for travel because it’s easy to mix and match pieces. They use the same color palette for all their clothing/booties/accessories so the clothes are easily interchangeable. This includes mixing prints because they all just seem to coordinate. This is especially awesome if you need to have your child re-wear a shirt or pants that are semi-clean because you run out of clothes or haven’t had time to wash them on vacation.

I also really like how happy the colors and prints are. The clothing is good quality and washes up well. The pieces are super soft and both my kids are happy to wear them.

What’s also cool about Zutano is that they are involved with programs that support educational enrichment for children, fighting childhood hunger, children’s rights, reproductive rights for women, improved healthcare programs, regional scholarship funds, breastfeeding educational programs and clothing drives.

I’ve enjoyed Zutano products so much that I went out and bought a couple of pairs of the next size of Zutano booties just to make sure I had them for when my son outgrows the ones Zutano provided.

Zutano booties and clothing for newborns, babies and toddlers

This Zutano beanie, kimono-style shirt, pants and booties are adorable and easy to put on my son when he was 3 weeks old.


Zutano sent us products in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own

Marcie writes the family travel blog Marcie in Mommyland. When she's not traveling the world, she's home in Seattle with her husband and two little boys.


  1. Amanda Love Reply

    I think these are awesome. It’s definitely perfect for travel especially if you’re packing for more than one child. Love the colors and the designs!

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      I just love that I can mix and match so easily. And the hoodie is reversible which has saved me so many times!

  2. Brandi with Bit Fit Fam Reply

    I love those booties! It is really hard to find booties that will stay on and keep little feet warm! most of them just topple off at the slightest movement2

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      I know, right? It’s my go-to baby shower gift now! People don’t understand until they have a baby!

  3. I’ve heard so much about Zutano from my mommy friends and they all LOVE them! I’m not a mommy yet, so I’ll appreciate more the privilege of packing twice as much as I need for more options until I’m no longer baby free! lol great post!!

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      Hahaha! Yes, take advantage of bringing extra outfits now!

  4. Those booties are adorable. My brother and his fiancé just had their first baby, so I will check out Zutano for them!!

  5. Those outfits are adorable! I need to try out the booties because socks NEVER stay on my baby’s feet for some reason!

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      They are the ONLY ones that work for just about every baby I know. Plus they come in fun colors!

  6. These outfits are so cute!! I love the bright colors. They sound great for traveling, too!

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      Zutano clothing is perfect for photos since my kids always stand out!

  7. Those are great looking clothes and they look comfortable too. I love how you can mix and match different pieces of clothing.
    Belle | One Awesome Momma

  8. What cute clothes! I love the bright colors and stripes. Those booties look great for keeping little feet cozy and warm!

  9. angela Ricardo Reply

    This is the first time that I heard about the Zutano Clothings but these are sounds a good brand and perfect for travelling.

  10. Terri Steffes Reply

    I love these clothes. They look so comfortable and cute. I love the mix and match feature. Helps a little one pick out their own clothing and still be ok for the public!

  11. aww what cuties! These look fab and definitely something for us to look into when our little one arrives!

  12. Reesa Lewandowski Reply

    I adore the bright colors and patterns that Zutano offers! Your kids look great in them!

  13. Super cute! Loving the booties. They are really adorable and colourful. I have heard some really great things about Zutano!

  14. Your boys are adorable! The colors of these clothes are so cute! I don’t have kids of my own but will be recommending to a friend!

  15. I love those booties! My youngest is almost two and flat out refused to keep anything on her feet when she was little. To this day she won’t sleep in footed sleepers or with socks. Wish I had known about these!

  16. melissachapman Reply

    Those booties are perfect for the little ones and they stay on!
    I also love the colors of those Zutano clothes

  17. Super cute outfits. I wish I had found them when I kids were little. No booties stayed on there feet.

  18. Zutano has always been one of my favorite baby brands! They’re prints are just the cutest!

  19. They are such cuties and perfect little models! I’ll have to keep Zutano in mind for my nephews!

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