Top 10 Toronto Family Activities You Need to Visit on your Next Family Vacation

Toronto is the largest city in all of Canada and is a great travel destination for families.

1. Dive Deep at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium is by far one of the coolest things to do in Toronto. It is an activity that everyone can enjoy and participate in too!

2. See over 5,000 Animals at the Toronto Zoo

The best part about this zoo is that its main goals are education and science. The aim is to teach people of all ages to respect and protect wildlife.

The tower is 1,815 feet tall and traveling all the way to the top of it is open to the public.

3. Go to the Top of the CN Tower

4. Let Out Some Energy at Canada’s Wonderlandre

Canada’s Wonderland is a great place for families of all ages. It is one of the best and most popular attractions in Toronto, and for great reason.

5. Visit Casa Loma

Not many people know about the 20th-century castle in Toronto but it is a beautiful site and popular filming location.

6. Eat and Play at the CNE

The CNE – Canadian National Exhibition – only takes place for the 18 days leading up to Labor Day, but if you are visiting during these days, going to it is a must.

7. Go to the Ontario Science Centre

Children can also listen to a heart murmur and feel a tornado!

For one, you can walk through the winding trails surrounded by the tall trees. Or you can head to the huge playground which was partly designed by kids!

8. Run Wild at High Park

9. Go for a Walk on the Waterfront

This is a lovely pier along the water that offers a stunning view of the Toronto skyline from a distance.

10. See a Sports Match

These sporting events are really fun to attend with kids if they are a little bit older. There is lots of cheering, good snacks, and a fun atmosphere!