Easy DIY Popsicle Stick Scarecrow Craft for Preschoolers

How to Make an Easy Popsicle Scarecrow Craft for Preschoolers

Supplies Needed:

– Orange, Maroon, and Yellow Paint – Paintbrushes – Standard Popsicle Sticks  – Small Popsicle Sticks – Fall Silk Leaves – Black Marker – Googly Eyes  – Gold Pipe Cleaners (optional) – Gold Glitter Glue – Hot Glue Gun and Glue

You’ll want to start by running a line of hot glue across the entire length of a small popsicle stick.

How to Make a Popsicle Stick Scarecrow

Next, flip the newly made board over and run an angled line of hot glue near the top of the board.

Before the glue dries, you’ll apply a standard size popsicle stick at an angle to form the brim of the scarecrow hat.

Then, paint the face section of the scarecrow with a solid coat of yellow paint. You can use any shade of yellow.

While that’s drying, paint the hat section of the scarecrow with a solid coat of maroon paint.

use the hot glue gun to attach the googly eyes just below the brim of the hat.

The scarecrow craft is a fun and easy way for preschoolers to get in on the fall festivities.

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