Packing for Winter Travel: Genius Tips to Save Money

If you’re traveling somewhere cold this winter, bulkier clothing and winter jackets can weigh down your checked luggage making travel more expensive than necessary.

Packing for Winter Travel Destinations

Waterproofing your travel items before your trip is a great way to prolong the life of your item and keep your clothing dry.

Sun Protection

Polarized sunglasses

Winter Layers

Winter Accessories to Stay Warm

What Types of Clothing Should you Pack for Winter Travel?

- A small travel umbrella

Handy Accessories to Include When Packing for Winter Travel

- Hand-warmer packs

- Wet bags

- Fingerless gloves

- Silica gel packets

- Hard case for your camera

Being prepared with your winter packing list cuts the stress so you can enjoy your winter vacation!

You won’t have to include big, heavy bulky items in your checked baggage, which will help keep your fees down.

Winter Travel Packing Tips You May Not Have Considered

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