Navigating Italy with Kids



Popular cities like Rome, Florence, and Venice are filled with cool museums, parks, and historical sites that are usually a hit with kids of all ages.

For families seeking outdoor adventures, consider popular tourist destinations such as the picturesque Dolomites or the beautiful beaches of Sardinia.


Timing Your Trip

Italy is lovely throughout the year, but for optimal weather and to avoid heavy tourist crowds, consider visiting in late spring or early autumn.


packing essentials

When it comes to packing for Italy, think of comfort and convenience. Pack lightweight, easy-to-layer clothing to accommodate varying weather conditions.


Public Transportation in Italy

We love using the train in Italy because it’s just so convenient for day trips and for moving from one part of your Italy itinerary to the next.


Eating in Italy with Kids

One of the greatest joys of traveling to Italy is the food. Fortunately, Italian food is generally very kid-friendly, with a ton of options for pasta, pizza, and gelato.


Visiting Italy with Babies and Toddlers

I wouldn’t consider Italy to be a very stroller-friendly country, for the most part. I’d recommend using a baby carrier instead.

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