Tips for LEGOLAND California You NEED to Read

Before you start planning your trip, think about your family and what they like to do.

Is LEGOLAND California Right for Your Family?

Are Your Kids Old Enough?

If your child is a thrill seeker and if this will be your only trip to LEGOLAND, wait until they are 42 inches tall to ensure they can ride ALL the rides.

This depends on your agenda. While you probably could do LEGOLAND in one day, it would be at a quick pace.

How Many Days Should You Spend?

If you have kids ages 4 and under, I’d definitely use a stroller or wagon. They will be walking a lot and no one wants to carry tired kids back to the hotel.

Should You Bring a Stroller to LEGOLAND?

The thing that surprised me the most about LEGOLAND is that the food inside the park is really good!

Where You Should Eat in LEGOLAND

There’s a great mix of LEGOs along with impressive sea exhibits, several interactive sections, and tons of fun facts.

Should You Go to the LEGOLAND Aquarium?

Another thing I didn’t understand before our trip was their Reserve ‘N’ Ride option.

Is There a FastPass Option?

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