How to Do a Day Trip to Cinque Terre with Kids


Arrived in Monterosso al Mare

We decided to have Monterosso al Mare be our first stop because it’s the furthest town away. It’s a really cute beach town that is pretty flat. It makes it easy to walk around and look at the shops.


Ferry to Riomaggiore

After lunch, we figured we’d check out some of the other towns. We decided to explore Riomaggiore. 


exploring riomaggiore

Riomaggiore is a beautiful town! It’s sort of the opposite of Monterosso (which is flat) because this is like one steep incline! 


Took the train from Riomaggiore

We actually had to take 3 trains to get back to Florence. The first train took us from Riomaggiore to La Spezia. Then we went from La Spezia to Pisa.

tips for visiting cinque terre with kids

There are plenty of things to at Cinque Terre with kids. My kids really wanted to eat mussels for lunch (yay!), get gelato, and take a boat ride. 

Ask the kids what they want to do

If you aren’t planning on hiking between the villages, the next best option is to take the ferry. It’s honestly the best view of the towns because you really can see them set into the cliffs.

Take the Ferry

If you are visiting Cinque Terre in the summer, you’ll definitely want to get gelato at least once. It gets HOT there and it’s an easy way for kids to cool down and regroup.

Get Gelato

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