How to Create a Travel First Aid Kit for Kids

What to Put in a Travel First Aid Kit

What to include in a travel first aid kit really depends on where you are going.

Anything Brand-Specific

It will save you a lot of stress and keep you from wasting time looking for items at local pharmacies.

Oral Medications

This applies particularly to oral medication. You may be able to purchase anti-histamines at your destination but you may find you can’t purchase the non-drowsy kind.


Plasters and bandages are the most important thing if you are camping or planning a remote vacation. You never know when someone will get hurt out in nature.

Tummy Medicine

Pack an over-the-counter remedy that contains “loperamide” such as Imodium as well as sachets of an oral rehydration remedy like this one will replace lost fluids and restore salt levels.

First Aid Kit Tools

Extras like scissors, tweezers, and a thermometer are useful additions to a first aid kit.

Ready-Made Family Travel First Aid Kits

Sometimes the easiest way to create a first aid kit for kids is to start off with one that’s ready-made and add in your own items.

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