How To Become A Gladiator For A Day in Rome

For families who want to learn about Ancient Rome through hands-on experiences, I’ve got the ultimate one-day Rome itinerary for kids and families.

Exploring the Roman Forum and Colosseum

We had a private tour where kids learned so much about Rome's ancient history. 

Rome Gladiator School Experience

The Rome Gladiator School, also known as the Roman Gladiator School, or the Gruppo Storico Romano, is a unique experience in Rome that offers participants the chance to train as a Roman gladiator.


With our 2-hour Rome gladiator experience, we got to try on different replica helmets and hold weapons (like swords) and shields to see how they were used.

full gladiator training session

The kids got to experience a full gladiator training session, which included dodging swinging sandbags, hopping through ladders, jumping over ropes, and doing pushups.

basic combat techniques

Our guide taught us basic techniques for combat and combinations of moves. This included partnering up to practice both offensive and defensive strategies.

gladiator battle

Finally, after everyone was trained, it was time to head into the small arena for a battle! At the very end, everyone earned a new Roman name and got a certificate.

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