Holiday Travel Tips You Don’t Already Know

To avoid the chaos of holiday travel, here are some of our best holiday travel tips that you may not already know. These are serious game changers that can really transform your whole travel experience.



At the very least, make sure you download your flight’s app. This can help you with everything from flight schedules to booking help should you need it.


Beach destinations are less crowded

During the colder months, beach destinations tend to be less crowded and a little bit more accessible to the general public. Take advantage of this and plan your holidays at the beach with your loved ones!



Nothing is easier than showing up at your destination with the gifts already in one piece.


Pack your pumpkin pie

Did you know that many food items are safe to travel and can even get past TSA? This one is a game-changer for holidays!


Avoid connections

Nonstop flights are your best bet when it comes to holiday travel. Having to stop from place to place is just more chances for delays, lost luggage, and chances for things to go wrong.


Go where you don't need car rentals

Instead of relying on a rental car, see if you can choose a place where you don’t need rental cars. Rideshare services or destinations where you can walk from place to place will save you a lot of money!

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