Top 13 Free Things to Do in Auckland New Zealand

West Coast Beaches

The waves are great for surfing, along with winds and great views for parasailing.

Auckland War Memorial Museum

Come explore the treasures and artifacts left behind by early Oceania and New Zealand Natives.

You will learn of several early voyages that came through New Zealand and how it impacted the area.

New Zealand Maritime Museum

Auckland Botanic Gardens

Visitors having a picnic at Auckland Botanic Gardens.

Climb a Volcano

The best part is, you can explore and hike up a number of them.

Pink Cycle Trail

The Nelson Street Cycleway (also called the light path) is neon pink, making it stand out against the cityscape.

Summer Movies in Silo Park

Silo Park presents a free movie night on Fridays during the summer.

Visit Karekare Falls

One landscape you won’t want to pass up is the beautiful Karekare Falls, that’s surrounded by a tropical forest.