Best Things to do in Zaanse Schans:  Day Trip From Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans is an open-air museum that highlights Dutch culture. It’s fairly close to the city and it’s one of the top things to do in Amsterdam with kids!


Visit a Working Windmill

It’s a captivating experience to see the colossal sails in motion, capturing the wind’s power, and stepping inside to explore the traditional Dutch craft of milling.


Check Out the Zaanse Schans Clog Workshop

This was totally one of the coolest things we did in Zaanse Schans. We got to watch a guy turn a chunk of a log into a wooden clog in just a few minutes.


Go Cheese Tasting

The Dutch are known for their cheese-making skills so we were pretty excited to see a demonstration on how they make the cheese at the Catharina Hoeve cheese farm.


Pet the Farm Animals

This delightful petting farm offers a chance to get up close with goats, rabbits, sheep, and more, making it a perfect stop for families.


Admire Dutch Scenery

The historic windmills lining the banks of the Zaan River, coupled with the traditional wooden houses painted in striking greens, create a picturesque, postcard-perfect landscape.


Check Out the Bakery Museum

The Bakery Museum in Zaanse Schans offers a delicious dive into Dutch baking traditions, displaying an assortment of historical baking equipment and traditional Dutch recipes.

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