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Last updated on November 5th, 2019 at 09:40 pm

Did you know TRANSFORMERS is celebrating their 35th anniversary? That deserves a party!

Thank you TRANSFORMERS for sponsoring this post. Join us in celebrating their 35th anniversary!

Something that has been really fun in our family is sharing the types of things we loved growing up with our own children.

For me, I love taking my kids on global adventures and introducing them to the arts.

For my husband, it’s all about classic ‘80s cartoons and toys!

Of course, one of his favorite nostalgic toy brands is TRANSFORMERS! In fact, I remember him buying himself a talking Optimus Prime action figure long before we had kids!

So, when our kids came around, he was pretty set on inviting them into the TRANSFORMERS universe!

Thankfully, our kids got on board immediately and love trying to figure out how to convert them from vehicle to robot and back again, without any help!

This year, the TRANSFORMERS franchise is celebrating its 35th anniversary and we decided to commemorate that by throwing a party for some of our neighbors after school!

I mean, more than three decades of MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE storytelling is worth celebrating, right?

How to Throw a TRANSFORMERS Party Quickly

I’m always down for party themes that encourage my kids to think about exploration and pushing boundaries.

For the past 2 years, my oldest has told me he wants to “be the guy who operates a robot” when he grows up. He just recently told me he wants to build his own robots as a career.

I’m actually pretty excited to take him to meet some “real” TRANSFORMERS robots in the next few years and figure out how they are moving around!

Because playing with TRANSFORMERS toys is already an activity, I figured I’d let them be the focus of the party.

Neighbors having fun at our Transformers party


The most stressful part of throwing a party is the frantic cleaning. Our house is very “lived in” and we have a lot of stuff everywhere.

But, I wanted this party to be low stress, so I did a few cleaning “hacks”.

First, I grabbed some empty plastic tubs and just started throwing all the random stuff around the room into the tubs.

Then, I shoved the tubs underneath the party tables and layered tablecloths to make sure it was all hidden.

Finally, I just taped wrapping paper over a big shelving unit that had a bunch of random toys and books in it.


I set up the party food table with healthy snacks for kids


I knew it would be a mix of kids and adults, so I wanted to make sure there were spaces for parents to sit and chat, and open space for kids to play.

And then I set up 2 folding tables. One had all the food on it and the other had TRANSFORMERS toys and party favors.

It's easy to create a DIY photo wall for your TRANSFORMERS party


Of course, I used TRANSFORMERS tablecloths, cups, napkins, plates, etc. But I wanted to make sure there was a nice balance so the print wouldn’t get lost.

When I think of TRANSFORMERS, I immediately think about the red of the AUTOBOT shield and the purple of the DECEPTICON shield. I tried to use those as my base colors and added in pops of yellow and blue.

What's a party without balloons?

Since I covered up my bookshelf, I figured that would make a great photo op wall! So, I taped up some pom pom garlands and crepe paper for a colorful backdrop.

I set up my food table next to our staircase and I figured I could do something fun with that. So, I wrapped the railings in red and purple crepe paper and added a few balloons and big tissue paper pom poms.

Note: I always forget how LONG it takes to fluff up the tissue pom pom decorations, so I recommend doing them while watching a TRANSFORMERS movie to keep you entertained!

I’m also a huge fan of letterboard signs because it’s so easy to customize for parties! I quickly wrote “TRANSFORMERS 35th Anniversary” on it and I was set!

Then, I blew up a bunch of yellow and blue balloons. It’s an easy way to tell people “Hey, this party is going to be fun!”

And the final touch of decorations were the TRANSFORMERS figures themselves! The larger ones are perfect to put on display before kids will inevitably grab them to play!

And we had a bunch of smaller TRANSFORMERS BotBots toys that we also lined up on the table.

These BOTBOTS were such a fun party favor for our Transformers party


We gave each kid one of the super cute BotBots toys that we put on display! The kids loved choosing which one they thought was the coolest, and I think the parents appreciated they didn’t take up too much room!

The kids also grabbed TRANSFORMERS bouncy balls, blowers, stickers, and temporary tattoos.

Oh, I almost forgot the most important thing: the party hats! I had my oldest in charge of offering one to every guest, and they were all excited to wear them!

It was great to see the kids reading the instructions as they figured out how to use the Transformers


What’s awesome about throwing a TRANSFORMERS party is that you can have the activity be playing with the TRANSFORMERS figures!

We put out several large ones and then we had the cute BotBots toys, so everyone had something to play with. And that’s really all we needed.

Other easy ideas would be to see who could convert a TRANSFORMERS figure the quickest or have a robot dance party.

We chose healthy snacks for our Transformers party


Finally, it’s not a party without food, right? Since we held it right after school got out, I opted for some healthy snacks.

I know how clumsy my kids can be, so I pre-portioned popcorn, pretzels, and veggie straws into cups so the kids could grab them.

Then, I had grapes, strawberries, and apples available since they are also portable.


After this party, I had my KIDS handle all the clean up! We had popcorn all over the carpet and the kids had fun vacuuming them all up while I packed away the remaining party supplies.

My kids had such a fun time at their TRANSFORMERS party that we decided to keep the decorations up the rest of the week!


Marcie writes the family travel blog Marcie in Mommyland. When she's not traveling the world, she's home in Seattle with her husband and two little boys.

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