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Teatro ZinZanni Dinner Theater Near Seattle

Teatro ZinZanni Dinner Theater Near Seattle

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Did you know Teatro ZinZanni has a new location near Chateau Ste. Michelle winery in Woodinville, WA?

I went to their Seattle location a few times for a Seattle date night, a bachelorette party, and even a kid’s show. But, this was my first time in their new location on the East Side.

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A Bit About Teatro ZinZanni

For those of us who have lived in Seattle a long time, we were crushed when we heard Teatro ZinZanni had to vacate their location across the street from Seattle Center several years ago.

They had really become quite an institution and they brought a unique perspective to Seattle.

One of the things they are most famous for is their giant tent. It’s called a Spiegeltent and it’s more than 100 years old.

The one we have is named Moulin Rouge and it actually survived almost being burned by the Nazis. They did burn all the wood and smashed all the mirrors, though.

And much like the Spiegeltent, Teatro ZinZanni was able to survive and launch their new world headquarters in Woodinville, just East of Seattle.

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Teatro ZinZanni’s New Location

I was excited to check out their Woodinville location since I didn’t have to fight Seattle traffic to get there.

It’s located at the old RedHook Brewery, near the iconic Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery and the gorgeous Willows Lodge. If you can make a weekend of it, I highly recommend staying there for a romantic getaway!

What’s awesome about the location is that there’s lots of parking right by the entrance to Teatro ZinZanni. And it’s FREE parking! That’s my favorite kind of parking!

And the entrance is simply beautiful!

There’s a large Teatro ZinZanni lighted archway where many guests stop to take photos. And then there’s a red carpet all the way to the doors. And it’s illuminated with strings of lights!

Teatro ZinZanni’s Lobby

Once you get inside, it has the same vibe as the Seattle location, but dare I say, just a tad bit cooler.

The lobby space feels roomier. There’s ample, lush seating set up in spots around the room.

Photo of a party mask at Teatro ZinZanni near Seattle, WA #mask #teatrozinzanni #costume

The Teatro ZinZanni boutique has amazing masks like this one! Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

Plus, there’s still the amazing boutique that offers sparkly tiaras, feather boas, and other treasures to add some festive touches to your outfit!

I’d suggest arriving early so you can enjoy this lush space and grab a cocktail before the show!

Teatro ZinZanni’s Seating Arrangements

Inside the spiegeltent, there’s a space in the middle for performances and there’s a stage up front.

Photo of the Teatro ZinZanni Spiegeltent in Seattle, WA #spiegeltent #teatrozinzanni #seattlewa

This is what it looks like inside the tent. Photo credit: Keith Brofsky

There are tables situated on the main floor (surrounding the performance area) as well as booths on the perimeter of the tent.

We ended up sitting at a table for 8. While I thought that would be a bit awkward sitting with strangers, it was actually a blast!

I got to chat with a mother and daughter who recently moved here from New Orleans (don’t worry, I got the scoop on kid-friendly things to do in NOLA!)

And we sat across from a trapeze duo who travel the world performing in spiegeltents like this! It was fascinating to hear their thoughts/perspective of the show. Apparently, our show is much funnier than the ones in Germany!

Since everyone is sitting in a circle, it’s easy to see the reactions of other guests.

There was a little old lady in a wheelchair who just beamed the entire show and it really made my night that she was having such a wonderful experience!

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Teatro ZinZanni’s Hollywood & Vine Show

Out of the few Teatro ZinZanni shows I’ve seen, Hollywood & Vine is by far my favorite!

Photo of the sign for Teatro ZinZanni Hollywood & Vine that runs Nov 1, 2018- April 28, 2019 in Woodinville, WA #teatrozinzanni #woodinvillewa #dinnershow

Hollywood & Vine runs November 1, 2018 through April 28, 2019. Photo credit: Marcie Cheung

The premise is, of course, wacky! There’s a train of New Jersey performers who think they are going to Hollywood and end up in Woodinville (you know, in the Hollywood district!)

There are lots of nods to the PNW and Bigfoot plays an integral part in the show!

Teatro ZinZanni – Hollywood and Vine from Teatro ZinZanni on Vimeo.

And it wouldn’t be Teatro ZinZanni without some audience participation! There were 3 skits that involved audience members and they were all really funny! My favorite involved the cowboys!

My husband made a good observation. He said there’s a fine line between making fun of the person versus the outrageous situation. Teatro ZinZanni does it right!

I found the comedic interludes to be much funnier than I expected!


The acrobatic performances in Hollywood & Vine were spot on!

The show started off on an impressive note when Timber Brown (of America’s Got Talent) grabbed a tire swing and immediately flew up in the air!

He popped up throughout the show and his sheer strength was amazing!

Photo credit: Michael Doucett

We loved the zany antics from all the performers! Photo credit: Michael Doucett

Another favorite was the male trapeze duo of Ben Wendel and Mick Holsbeke. It was the first time I’d seen two men do trapeze together and while it was comedic, it was also awe-inspiring.

It was all about balance and they each had an equal role!

And I have to talk about the hula hooping! This was the part I wished I could have recorded for my preschooler because he would have been mesmerized!

Alesya Gulevich masterfully rotates multiple hula hoops around her torso while swinging around hula hoops with her hands. And she does it with the music!

They are sparkly hula hoops that almost look like glowsticks when the colorful stage lights shines on them, for a super cool effect!

But it’s not just acrobatic numbers.

Christine Deaver authoritatively hosts the night with panache and big personality! Her costumes are also fabulous!

And Jen Ayers belts out songs throughout the night. Most notable is her powerful rendition of “Never Enough” from The Greatest Showman.


I have to mention that even the servers got involved in the performances!

I almost had a heart attack when I saw they coming out dancing while holding bowls of hot soup!

And you have to see how they bring out dessert! I don’t want to spoil the surprise!

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Teatro ZinZanni Menu

The new menu was created by James Beard Award-winning chef Jason Wilson.

He’s the owner of the trendy The Lakehouse restaurant and Civility & Unrest cocktail bar in Bellevue, among other establishments.

I think the big thing to keep in mind is that each course comes out all at once and because of that, the food turns out different than if you were ordering at a restaurant.

I’d say the food was good, but the main reason to come is for the show.

I tried to take photos of the food, but while the lighting was perfect for the show, it wasn’t awesome for food pics!

Here’s a rundown of the menu:


Crudite with Green Root Hummus, Parmesan Potato Chips with Caramelized Onion Dip and Farm Vegetable Pickle

Let me tell you, there’s a lot of food on a little plate! The hummus was super tasty, but I found it was difficult to cut any of the veggies since the plate was so small.


Tuscan Wedding Soup
Butternut Squash, Cannellini Bean, Pumpkin and Mushroom Soup with Potato Gnocchi and Kale-Lemon Pesto

This soup was very interesting.

It kind of tasted like the gnocchi was cooked separately and added in at the last minute because they were piping hot compared to the soup.

And the vegetables were surprisingly crunchy.

I really liked the butternut squash base and almost wished it was just the base without the rest of the stuff.


Your Choice Of:

Grilled Sea Of Cortez Blue Prawns
Served with Braised Bean, Preserved Tomato and Chile Gremolata

Grilled Washington Top Sirloin Spiedini
Sirloin Skewers served with Roasted Garlic-Herb Potatoes and Red Wine Sauce

Goat Cheese And Roasted Pumpkin Ravioli
Served with Sage Brown Butter and Cranberries

I think practically our entire table ordered steak and when I looked around, I primarily saw people eating steak.

That’s what my husband and I ordered and we enjoyed it.


Layers of Ladyfingers, Mascarpone, Graham Crackers and Espresso Topped with Marshmallow Topped with Caramel Sauce

This dessert is super decadent! I love a good dessert and I was only able to eat about 5 bites before I had to stop.

It was very tasty, just very rich and filling!


A big part of the experience is also their fabulous drinks.

They offer a full selection of cocktails, fine wine, domestic and imported beer, champagne, cognac, and after-dinner drinks is available in the lounge and at your table.

I had the Wagon Wheel (Glass Nectar Vodka, Granny Smith Apple Puree, Reed’s Ginger Beer) and it was super tasty!

We also eavesdropped and found out from a server that Teatro ZinZanni doesn’t serve doubles, only singles. But they can talk to the bartender 🙂

Things to Know Before You Go to Teatro ZinZanni:

Photo of circus performers at Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle. #teatrozinzanni #spiegeltent

Alesya Gulevich and Domitil Aillot whirl around on a unicycle! Photo credit: Michael Doucett


I think the biggest question people have about going to Teatro ZinZanni is what to wear!

It’s one of those places where you really can wear outrageously fabulous outfits and fit right in!

I ended up pulling out my Chinese cheongsam dress from my wedding because I never have the opportunity to wear it!

And if you don’t have something flashy, no worries! You can always grab something in their boutique in the lobby or order a celebration package to be delivered to your table!

One of our tablemates got a little crown and pink boa delivered and it was simply perfect on her!

But, if you don’t have to wear feather boas or kimonos or anything. Just dress like you were going to a nice restaurant. That means leave your North Face at home!


If you are attending an evening performance, the lobby doors open one hour prior to the show.

We ended up arriving about 20 minutes early and most of the guests were already seated when we arrived.


Teatro ZinZanni is located in the heart of Woodinville’s winery district at 14200 NE 145th St. Woodinville, WA 98072.

From WA-520:

Take WA-520 E and I-405 N to NE 124th St in Kirkland.
Take exit
20B from I-405 N
Continue on
NE 124th St.
132nd Ave NE to NE 145th St in Woodinville

From I-405:

Follow I-405 N to NE 124th St in Kirkland.
Take exit
20B from I-405 N
Continue on
NE 124th St.
132nd Ave NE to NE 145th St in Woodinville


If you are worried that you’ll still be hungry, don’t fret! While it’s not included in your ticket price, you can also order additional menu items when you arrive.

You can also upgrade your entrees for an additional cost.


While we didn’t bring our kids to the show, I looked around and saw a handful of kids in the audience.

I know our kids would have loved the performances!

I don’t recall any “colorful” language or anything super suggestive. There is a short string of marijuana jokes in one of the bits.

The food isn’t exactly kid-friendly in terms of chicken nuggets or mac and cheese, but you can order cheese plates, bread, charcuterie, etc.

My best advice is to use your judgement.


You can purchase Teatro ZinZanni tickets online or by calling 206-802-0015.

Ticket prices start at $99 (which includes your meal) and vary based on seating section, capacity sold, and day of week. Prices are subject to increase over time.

Teatro ZinZanni provided me media tickets. All opinions are my own.

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If you are looking for a unique Seattle date night experience, head to Teatro Zinzanni at their new location in Woodinville, WA. Click to learn more or pin to save for later. #teatrozinzanni #seattle #datenight | Teatro ZinZanni Dinner Theater Near Seattle featured by top Seattle blogger, Marcie in Mommyland Have you been to Teatro ZinZanni, Seattle's coolest dinner theater experience located in Woodinville, WA? Click to learn more or pin to save for later. #teatrozinzanni #woodinvillewa #seattlewa Looking for a swanky place for a Seattle date night, bachelorette party, birthday party, or girls night? Teatro ZinZanni is a fun dinner theater extravaganza located in Woodinville, WA just a few minutes from Seattle. Click to learn more or pin to save for later. #seattle #datenight #bachelorette #birthdayparty #dinnertheater

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Thursday 22nd of November 2018

i had no idea they'd reopened! so cool, thanks for all the info. i've never been to a teatro zinzanni show but it's been on my bucket list forever.


Thursday 22nd of November 2018

Oh you need to make it happen! Would make a fun Moms Night Out, too!


Wednesday 21st of November 2018

This looks like such a fun night out! Although there weren’t pics, your descriptions of the food were enough for me to get hungry. ?


Thursday 22nd of November 2018

Oh yay! So many fun flavors!


Wednesday 21st of November 2018

Dinner theater is a lost art. I give them a lot of credit for their menu. It has many options which is awesome for such an experience


Wednesday 21st of November 2018

Yes, there really are quite a few options!

Julie Plagens

Tuesday 20th of November 2018

This reminds me a lot of Branson, Mo. There is a great dinner and a show. It looks really fun. I will have to remember this if I am ever in Seattle.


Wednesday 21st of November 2018

Someone else was talking about Branson! Sounds like my kind of place!

Nadalie Bardo

Tuesday 20th of November 2018

What a fun experience this is! I haven't been to something like this before, but it looks like a great night out.


Wednesday 21st of November 2018

It was a super fun night out!

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