MommyCon will be making it’s mark on Canada for the first time ever! MommyCon Vancouver will be Saturday, July 22nd at the Pinnacle Harbourfront. I’m especially excited because I will be attending and blogging about the event. I was able to attend last year when they were in Seattle (loved getting tips on potty training and a cool swag bag of stuff I actually use) and I’m intrigued to see what the event will look like in Vancouver. Since I’m a MommyCon blogger, I’m able to offer you a $5 discount on General and Expectant Parent admissions using my Discount Code: Marcieinmommyland17.

My oldest son was born 5 weeks premature and spent time in the NICU. It was several days after he was born that I was finally able to hold him and it was pure magic! I held him for almost 2 hours doing skin-to-skin and his health drastically improved. My husband and I did as much skin-to-skin as we were able and each time he seemed to get stronger and thrive more. I knew I wanted to do skin-to-skin for my second child. So, when I heard about VIJA Design’s Kangaroo Care Shirt, I was instantly intrigued.