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Last updated on November 20th, 2019 at 05:23 pm

I’m excited to share my November Stitch Fix unboxing video and blog post! It’s always exciting to see what I’ll get in this customized subscription box, scroll down to see what I received!

This Stitch Fix unboxing post may contain affiliate links, which means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

I’m all about cozy sweaters and distressed jeans this fall! My last few Stitch Fix boxes have been pretty fabulous and I’m getting some great pieces that I’ve been wearing all month!

This time, I told my Stitch Fix stylist that I’m heading to Austin, Texas (for the first time) to attend a blogging conference and explore the city.

I said I wanted some fun items to go with the vibrant artsy scene of Austin as well as something semi-professional that I could wear for the conference itself.

From what I understand, Texas weather is all over the place so it’s important to think about layers.

I’m also doing a photo tour of the street art, so I want an outfit that will look cute in front of colorful murals.

Let’s take a peek at what was inside my November 2019 Stitch Fix box:

Stitch Fix Unboxing + Try On | November 2019

So, let’s see if my stylist is on a roll with her Stitch Fix selections and whether or not this Stitch Fix box is a hit or a miss.

And don’t forget that if you sign up using my link, you’ll get $25 off your first Stitch Fix box!

See what I thought of my October 2019 Stitch Fix Box.


I’m always on the hunt for cute dresses that can be worn for events or for traveling. I like ones that I don’t have to iron and that I can re-wear on a trip.

I’m not a fan of sheath dresses because they don’t give my body any shape. So, I usually wear A-line dresses or wrap styles.

Retail Price: $88.00

For warmer fall days, throw on this faux wrap dress perfect for warm fall days
Aneeka Knit Faux Wrap Dress from Leota

What I Liked about this Aneeka Knit Faux Wrap Dress:

I love the way this dress fits my body! The tie around my waist gives me a nice, cinched waist and the ruffles near the bust gives the slight impression that I’m not nearly as flat chested as I am.

The neckline is fairly modest, which is tricky to find in wrap dresses. I also really like the length, as it comes to my knees. And I can twirl in it!

What I Didn’t Like about this Aneeka Knit Faux Wrap Dress:

I wasn’t completely sold on the print when I first unboxed it. I love the bright blue color, but wasn’t sure about the polka dots.

So, I actually asked my friend to give me her opinion and she helped me decide the entire look was super cute.



Fall has hit Seattle and I’m all about the cardigans. They are the perfect item to wear over plain t-shirt, printed blouses, or even fun tank tops.

I like to pair them with skinny jeans if I’m heading out, or yoga pants if I’m staying at home.

Retail Price: $68.00

For cooler fall days, throw on this warm cardigan sweater perfect for fall fashion
Sonole Open Drape Cardigan from RD Style

What I Liked about this Sonole Open Drape Cardigan:

I love the way this cardigan fits! It covers my booty and has snug sleeves. And it feels so soft and cozy.

The color is also pretty fantastic. The deep burgundy is great for fall and holiday events. It would be cute over a body con dress.

What I Didn’t Like about this Sonole Open Drape Cardigan:

My only hesitation about keeping this cardigan is that I have SO many open drape cardigans in other colors.

It was the age old debate of want vs need. In the end, I decided that I didn’t “need” it enough to keep it.

FINAL VERDICT: Return (although it was a close call)


Printed tops are always an easy way to feel a bit more put together, especially when traveling. Just throw on a skirt or a pair of jeans and you’re all set.

Retail Price: $58.00

For warmer fall days, wear this sleeveless blouse with a pair of jeans for cute fall fashion
Albado Crew Neck Blouse from Daniel Rainn

What I Liked about this Albado Crew Neck Blouse:

I like the way this shirt felt and how it draped. It was a nice length and the armholes didn’t show my bra.

What I Didn’t Like about this Albado Crew Neck Blouse:

The print.

You’ll either love it or hate it. I hated it the second I pulled it out of my box. But, when I looked at it in my video, it actually looked cuter.

But, then I took another (closer) look and decided I still really hated the print.



I don’t own many pairs of pants that aren’t jeans or yoga pants. These pants look a bit like jeans, but feel like yoga pants. Awesome!

I actually have a pair of Liverpool jeans that I got right after I had my youngest and they fit me really well. So, I was excited to see how their regular pants fit.

Retail Price: $78.00

These skinny pants are perfect for fall fashion paired with a fall sweater or cute top
Jacqueline Skinny Pant from Liverpool

What I Liked about this Jacqueline Skinny Pant:

They fit so well! I love how stretchy they are and how much I can move around while wearing them. They seem perfect for walking around Austin but also dressy enough to look business casual.

I also really like the color. They are a deep navy color and almost look black.

What I Didn’t Like about this Jacqueline Skinny Pant:

The length might actually be a bit long, which surprised me. Most of my pants are ankle length and these go past my ankles.



I’m definitely a t-shirt and jeans girl, but I often feel a bit frumpy with that look. It doesn’t look as carefree as it did before I had kids.

What I’ve realized is more structured shirts look and feel better on me.

Retail Price: $58.00

Cute white top that's a perfect fall fashion top to wear with skinny jeans
Hans Crochet Front Top by Market & Spruce

What I Liked about this Hans Crochet Front Top:

Everything! It made me smile as soon as I pulled it out of my Stitch Fix box because I immediately could picture myself wearing it for photos in front of the fun Instagrammable walls in Austin.

I love the crochet detail on the front of the shirt and I think the zipper detail in the back is adorable.

What I Didn’t like about this Hans Crochet Front Top:

I can’t decide if it’s see-through enough to need a camisole underneath. I wish it were a tiny bit thicker.


Overall, I’d say this Stitch Fix Unboxing was fantastic!

Four out of the five pieces were definitely my style and I liked I had some hard decisions to make!

These are super cute fall wardrobe pieces that would work in many climates in the United States.

I can’t wait to wear my new blue polka dot dress and white crochet top while exploring Austin, Texas this month!

And if you’d like to try Stitch Fix, use my referral link and we’ll both get $25!

My next Stitch Fix Unboxing will be in December, stay tuned and click here for my October unboxing!


Marcie writes the family travel blog Marcie in Mommyland. When she's not traveling the world, she's home in Seattle with her husband and two little boys.

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