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Spinning Space Gears Building Kit Review

Spinning Space Gears Building Kit Review

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My husband is an engineer and is passionate about space exploration. He used to go to space camp in the summer. It’s something that he’s been hoping to share with our 3-year-old. So, when we had the opportunity to review Learning Resource’s Spinning Space Gears Building Kit, I knew it would be a good fit for our family.

We live in Seattle and we’ve been having one of our snowiest winters to date. Schools have been closed and we’ve been stuck indoors a bit more than usual. So, I was really relieved when our Spinning Space Gears Building Kit arrived because it gave my son something new to focus on.

Spinning Gears

This was a great toy to encourage parent involvement.

The first thing my son did was put all the gears onto the base. Each time he put a gear down, he’d spin it and watch the rest of the gears spin. He started with just one color, and then he started adding other colors and mixing them up. He spent a lot of time rearranging the gears and seeing how they fit together.

My husband took the lead and helped our son figure out how the gears worked. While my son put the gears on the base, my husband peeled off the stickers and attached them to the proper planets. The set has 80 pieces including astronauts, planets, sun, spaceship, flag, colorful stickers, and more. The gears not only move horizontally, but you can attach them vertically too. It’s fun to see the almost-endless options of placing the gears.

I really like that the Spinning Space Gears Building Kit supports STEM by introducing children to sorting, grouping, counting, design, and construction. These are skills that my family finds really important as part of our children’s education. We appreciate toys that let us explore STEM concepts with our kids.

Spinning gears

While I liked the concept of this toy, and my son enjoyed playing with it, he hasn’t asked to play with it since we opened it. This toy is aimed at kids ages 4 and older (and my son is 3.) It didn’t seem to provide much long-term interest at this point in time. I’m hoping as he gets closer to 4-years-old, he will play with it more.

Spinning Space Gears Building Kit Review

I received this product in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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