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My son Owen is a binky baby. He was born premature and they recommended using a pacifier when he was in the NICU to strengthen his sucking skills so he could nurse. They also encouraged us to use it to reduce the risk of SIDS. He entered this world fighting and the pacifier seemed to really comfort him in a stressful situation.

He was very particular about the brand of binky and would only use the kind we got at the hospital. Thankfully we were able to stock up and it was quite normal for him to have 3-4 loose binkies in his crib at any given time. We were very thankful to discover pacifier clips when he was older and we would clip them to all his clothes. The tricky thing about the clips is that we still had to pop them in his mouth frequently.

I ran across the Snuggin while looking for innovative baby products for Baby #2 and was instantly intrigued. Not only are there several places to attach pacifiers and/or toys, but there is a velcro storage unit in the back! This is perfect for if/when it fall on a dirty floor when we are out and about and I need a clean pacifier pronto! I also like how big it is because it’s great for tiny hands to grasp.

Owen’s been having fun playing with the Snuggin. He’s now 2.5 years old and we’re just starting the trying to wean him off the binky. Part of our process is explaining that binkies are for babies and he’s a big boy. He will be getting a little brother in the next few weeks so we’ve been using the Snuggin as a tool to show how he can help soothe the baby with the pacifier.

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