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LuLaRoe for Pregnancy and Beyond

LuLaRoe for Pregnancy and Beyond

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As a Mom of a toddler, my “uniform” usually consists of yoga pants and some sort of sweatshirt. We like to be out and about and he’s always on the go, so it’s important that I’m comfortably able to play with him on the floor or run around with him at the park. But, sometimes I feel a bit boring in my “uniform” and want to pop some fun back into my wardrobe. That’s where LuLaRoe fits in!

I first discovered LuLaRoe when I was just 3 months pregnant. I was feeling bloated and could barely squeeze into my yoga pants because the waistbands all seemed to hit me at the worst spot. I tried on a pair of LuLaRoe leggings and was surprised that I was able to pull them up to my natural waist, alleviating the rubber band feeling around my expanding tummy. And, they came in bright, fun prints! They were perfect for my first and second trimester and I looked forward to rocking them post-pregnancy.

LuLaRoe Carly for pregnancy

I belted my Carly and added a cardigan to create this 3rd trimester look. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

LuLaRoe is always coming out with new styles and designs. My friend Stacy sent me a Carly dress in the middle of my 3rd trimester and it was so nice to wear something that wasn’t technically “maternity” but totally worked! I liked to belt it when I wore it out and about because it showed off my bump. At home, I usually went without a belt and just enjoyed not feeling restricted. It was also a great dress to nap in!

I also appreciated that the Carly dress was something I could wear immediately after giving birth and could be a staple in my closet. I live in Seattle and it’s necessary to wear leggings under dresses most of the year. I love the neural color of my Carly dress because it’s easy to pair it with black leggings for a more subdued look or I can add a pop of color! I’ve even paired it with skinny jeans (both maternity jeans and regular jeans.)

LuLaRoe Carly dress and Happy Wrap

Photo credit: Britnae Sanelli Photography

The Carly dress also works wonderfully underneath a babywearing wrap. I like to wear my baby, but not all clothing works well under a wrap. I like to use my Happy Wrap because it’s nice and stretchy and is the right thickness to be comfortable with my Carly dress. I don’t feel too warm.

I’ve also been able to breastfeed while wearing the Carly. I like to wear a nursing cami underneath (usually my Bravado one) and pair with leggings or yoga pants. Then, I just pull up the dress and pull down my nursing cami and we’re all set!


Photo credit: Britnae Sanelli Photography

Stacy even sent Owen a shirt to try out and he loves how soft it is! I like that it’s a good layering piece (especially in our Seattle weather) and it’s comfy enough to wear as lounge wear around the house. Sometimes we use it as a pajama top. LuLaRoe offers many colors that are gender neutral. I usually throw this shirt into my diaper bag because it rolls up nicely and compactly.

LuLaRoe for kids

Photo credit: Britnae Sanelli Photography

To see what other LuLaRoe goodies are available, check out Stacy’s VIP LuLaRoe Shopping Page.


LuLaRoe products were sent for review purposes. All opinions are my own

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