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LEGO Duplo sent us a Little Plane to test out. My 2.5 year-old son Owen was so excited to open it up once he saw it was an airplane! He’s very into airplanes right now. We opened the box and he dumped out all the pieces. Without any instructions, we were easily able to build the airplane and control tower. Owen loved that the pilot could sit down or stand up in the plane while he ran around “flying” the plane. He was also a fan of the control tower and kept saying “get ready for takeout,” which is from one of his favorite books.
LEGO Duplo Little Plane Review
My toddler was very excited to open and assemble this LEGO Duplo Little Plane and accessories

He also played with the plane in our sand table and seemed to enjoy pouring sand inside and having the plane fly the load around and then dump it back in the sand table.  I love it when toys encourage children to play with them in different ways! I mean, who says an airplane can’t also be a dump truck?

Once we switched our sand table into our water table, it also became a water toy. That’s the great thing about LEGO Duplo toys: they are waterproof and can easily be rinsed off when dirty. The water table instantly became an “Airplane Wash” as opposed to the ever popular Car Wash.

LEGO Duplo Little Plane Review

Owen flying his plane on a daring mission to China (according to him)

After we saw the Blue Angels perform at Seafair in Seattle a few weeks ago, this airplane became an honorary Blue Angel. Owen likes to tell me where the airplane is going. Lately, popular destinations have included Hawaii, California and China. I really like that he’s able to tell me all the steps the plane is taking: People getting on board, plane is on the runway, plane takes off and is flying to its destination, and then finally lands at the airport.

I think eventually, we will make a LEGO Duplo table by adding a baseplate to an old nightstand. I think the radio tower and fuel can would get more play time if they were secured to a table. Right now, they usually sit on our train table. Overall, my son really enjoys this LEGO Duplo Little Plane and we look forward to stepping our foot into (and hopefully not on top of!) the LEGO Duplo world!

LEGO Duplo review

LEGO sent us this product for review purposes.


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