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I’m always looking for new baby products to try with my 4-month-old son. He’s been having a hard time sleeping and I thought maybe it had to do with the unusually cold weather we’ve had in Seattle. I came across Gunamuna’s Gunapod baby sleep sack and it looked like a great fit for my family. They sent me their Gunapod Alphabet Luxury Bamboo Duvet for review. (Contains affiliate links.)

As soon as it arrived, I was giddy. I tore open the box, ripped off the bag and felt the fabric. It was so soft. It was softer than my baby’s skin. I found myself petting it over and over because I couldn’t get over how incredibly silky it felt. My son was starting to get sleepy, so I thought I’d try it out on him immediately. The zippers were really smooth and it was easy to get him in the Gunapod. My son loves anything soft and he seemed to enjoy rubbing his cheek on the Gunapod baby sleep sack. I put him in his swing and he fell asleep instantly and stayed asleep for longer than usual.

When he woke up, I kept him in the Gunapod since the house was cool and I wanted him to stay warm. I felt some rumbles and my first thought was “Please don’t blow out my Gunapod, I mean YOUR Gunapod!” I laid him down and it was so easy to unzip the bottom of the sack, keeping my son nice and warm while I checked his diaper. Thankfully, it was a false alarm! My 3-year-old was able to easily zip up the Gunapod around my baby all by himself.

We’ve been using it every night for the past 3 weeks and not only has he kept it clean (knock on wood) but he hasn’t felt cold once. We’re able to use lighter weight pajamas (instead of fleece) and he stays comfortable. He also seems to want to stay in it all morning. When we start doing formal nap times with him, we will be using this Gunapod as his signal that it’s time to sleep.

Gunamuna Gunapod sleep sack for babies

My son gets giddy when we put him in the Gunapod.

What I like about the Gunapod:

  • It’s so incredibly buttery soft!
  • The zippers are smooth and easy to use.
  • It’s a great weight for colder weather.
  • The Alphabet pattern is a nice neutral.
  • Each size lasts a long time. Size small fits babies 0-9 months and size medium fits babies 9-18 months.
  • The hypoallergenic bamboo fibers actually breathe better than cotton.
  • It’s breathable, moisture-wicking and antibacterial.
  • Their WONDERZiP® 4-way, all-around zipper provides you with the easiest diaper change under any conditions.

What I don’t like about the Gunapod:

  • I wish they had more colors/patterns available.
  • I wish they had one in my size.
We’ve been using it non-stop every night for the past 3 weeks and my husband and I can’t get over how much we like the Gunapod baby sleep sack. I’ve been trying to think of anything I don’t like about it and it’s been a struggle. I even went on Amazon looking for negative reviews to see if I was just missing something, but I came up empty. If a new Mom asked me what baby sleep sack she should buy for her baby who is no longer being swaddled, I would recommend she get this product.

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 Gunamuna sent me their Gunapod for review purposes. All opinions are my own.

Marcie writes the family travel blog Marcie in Mommyland. When she's not traveling the world, she's home in Seattle with her husband and two little boys.


  1. Looks like your little one is really enjoying it! Glad you have found a solution to help your baby sleep better.

  2. That looks so cozy warm! We’ve always just used sleep sacks but this looks good for cold winter nights!

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      We used to just use sleep sacks but this one is so much nicer!

  3. I used to have a couple of these little bags for my boys when they were babies. They made changing diapers in the middle of the night MUCH easier.

  4. Aw – what a cutie little punkin’ you have! How fabulous that he sleeps so well with this bamboo duvet! And not being able to find any negative reviews says a LOT!

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      It really does! I still can’t find anything I don’t like about it. My Mom just used it for the first time with my son and kept remarking how easy it was to use!

  5. Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh Reply

    Living in Florida we totally wouldn’t need something like that, because the zip up onesies worked the best for us. However, if I lived any place else I would have loved them.

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      We have central air so our house is the same temp all year-round and our kids sleep in fleece jammies, even in the summer. But we are in the NW and our climate is pretty steady!

  6. Well that big smile says that your baby totally approves!! What a precious little one you have!

  7. Jessi Joachim Reply

    This looks awesome! My little man has been having issues staying asleep, so I really need to check this out

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      If he’s getting chilly at night, this might be something to try!

  8. This looks so comfy and warm. And of course the sweet little baby is absolutely darling.

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      Thanks! It’s so cute to see him all snuggled up!

  9. The Gifted Gabber Reply

    Hehee…your second “negative” made me giggle. When my oldest was a baby, she would ONLY sleep in sacks like this. I love the pattern on this one.

  10. Dawn McAlexander Reply

    I am wondering if they make this in an adult size. It looks so cozy that I want to wrap up in it.

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      It’s like a sophisticated snuggie! I would get one for myself for watching TV on the couch!

  11. Oh, these look so comfy! I didn’t discover sleep sacks until the second time around, but used them for all the rest. The zippers always failed,though. I had moments of panic that my baby would be stuck in there forever (sleep deprived mama forgetting there’s a thing called scissors!). I think the reviews – or lack of negative ones – says it all!

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      Hahaha! Sleep deprivation is real! This one has the smoothest zipper of any sleep sack I’ve tried so far.

  12. His smile says it all!!! He loves it!
    Also agree with you, I wish they would make them in our size as well as they look so comfy haha

  13. What a lovely review. And how adorable does your little boy look! He looks like such a happy baby <3 xx

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      Thanks! He’s super happy when he gets enough sleep!

  14. This looks awesome! My little one loved the velcro swaddles when he was younger but he always broke out of them. This would have been awesome for him!

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      Plus this one is so much quieter than the velcro ones!

  15. The Rimsky Project Reply

    Omg this is so adorable! Wish I had a baby to put that on :p

  16. Cara (@StylishGeek) Reply

    I wish I knew about this a few months ago when I was looking for the perfect baby gift! It’s wonderful! Oh well, i’ll bookmark it for next time!

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      I think this is going to be my go-to shower gift because each size lasts so long!

  17. Kit Stanwood Reply

    This looks so comfy! I love that they left holes for the baby to be able to move their arms making it even more comfy but still keeping them warm. I love the neutral colors !!

  18. He looks so comfortable in that gunapod, who wouldn’t! I will let my whole family know about these great, cozy gunapods.

  19. We love wearable blankets. Both of our daughters used them even in Florida. This one looks awesome. I cannot wait to check them out.

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      My oldest used sleep sacks year-round when he was little.

  20. Di Hickman Reply

    This looks amazing. Kinda reminds me of swaddling, keeping him all tucked up and in. Do they do adult sizes 😉

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      I feel like it would be the best TV-watching blanket for adults!

  21. Ooh you’re giving me baby fever! What a little cutie! This looks great too! I never had one of these for any of my kids.

  22. Angela Ricardo Reply

    Wow, your baby definitely looks very comfy in it. He is so cute and adorable! How I wish there is an adult version also 🙂

  23. Eva / Kid Minds Reply

    I have wondered that myself – why don’t they make one in adult size or for teenagers? Looks cozy warm! Perfect for Chicago winters.

  24. Awww this is so cute. Your baby looks so comfy and cute!! They need an adult version. just saying lol

  25. Super cute. I would love one of these for my littlest. It looks so comfy and cozy our house always feels a little chilly to me so it would be nice for her to be extra cozy!

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      There are a lot of companies that make sleep sacks, but this is definitely the most luxurious!

  26. I want one of these for myself lol! This looks great for little ones, your little one looks so comfy in it!

  27. ADORABLE baby! And I love that bamboo duvet. My almost two year old was a very big baby and looked really silly wrapped snuggly until she was over six months. She truly wouldn’t sleep otherwise. This one looks very comfy!

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      My oldest also loved to be swaddled! This baby is much bigger and grew out of the swaddle earlier.

  28. This sounds like a great baby duvet, and your little one looks so cosy! Its fab that you have found such a fab product. I love that one of your negatives is that they don’t do one in your size!

  29. Rose Sahetapy Reply

    Your son is adorable! He looks comfortable, and the good thing is this gunapod has holes that allow baby move their tiny arms.

  30. Gossett Photography Reply

    oh my goodness, how adorable! This just screams for an in-home nursery lifestyle photoshoot! Looks like he can wear that for a while- has plenty of room to grow!

  31. Tabitha Shakespeare Reply

    This is such a cute sleep sack! I always see these and they just look like super warm sleeping bags but this one looks super comfy!

  32. CourtneyLynne Reply

    Omg you baby definitely looking comfy that’s for sure!!! Might just have to grab one of these for a baby shower gift!!!

  33. I bet the baby is so comfy, the baby felt like it was in the womb. It is nice and all mom should get one.

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      I would definitely get a Gunapod over other brands. It’s held up a lot better than others we have used.

  34. Karina Pacheco Reply

    Baby approved is definitely the best. How comfy and warm looking. I think my baby girl needs one.

  35. Stephanie Lee Reply

    I’ve never heard of this brand, but that sleep sack sounds like perfection! I like the alphabet print, and I can’t imagine how soft it must be!

    • Marcie in Mommyland Reply

      I just discovered them! They aren’t very well-known yet.

  36. What an adorable baby! My niece just had her first baby and what a perfect gift idea! Thank you for sharing.

    • marciecheung Reply

      It’s seriously the best sleep sack we’ve found (and we’ve probably tried 20 between the 2 kids)

    • marciecheung Reply

      He grins every time I put him in the Gunapod!

  37. This looks like a great product, thanks for sharing this for new moms. Great informative review

  38. mary yowell Reply

    Awe this is too cute! Why didn’t they have cool stuff when I was a baby lol

    • marciecheung Reply

      I know, right? They just posted a photo of an ADULT wearing an XL and they looked soooooo comfy!

  39. Eileen Mendoza Loya Reply

    I wish there were adult versions of this. My husband and I subconsciously “fight” for ownership of the blanket during the cold months. I think this would be a nice way to solve our problem.

    • marciecheung Reply

      Hahaha! YES! I’m sure it would save a lot of marriages!

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