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Earlier this month, I was contacted by Dr. Dana to see if I was interested in reviewing their Nail Renewal System. Up until this point, all my product reviews were items I specifically sought out to review. I like to keep my blog focused on travel-oriented items.

However, they contacted me right after I had broken 2 nails and chipped another while traveling around Vancouver, BC. It made me realize how brittle my nails were and how it was impacting my travel experience. My husband is too nice to say this, but I am straight-up snippy when I break my nails because they snag on just about everything and I get so worried I will scratch my kids.

So, Dr. Dana picked the right day to email me. I had never heard of this system before, but I’m always intrigued by nail-care options. According to their materials, “The Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System is a breakthrough, once-a-week, three-step system that restores dry, damaged nails back to a healthy, hydrated, high-shine state–instantly.”



Step 1: Glycolic Prep for Nails
The first thing you’re supposed to do is exfoliate your nails using glycolic acid. I twisted the pen (about 20 times) and then brushed the acid onto my nails. The pen was really easy to use and I was surprised how fast I was able to coat each nail.


Step 2: Perfect Grit Priming Wand
Then I primed the surface of my nails with the 3-way wand to remove damaged nail cells and allow for maximum absorption of the next step. I swept my nails about 5 times with each of the sides (this is the maximum times they recommend.) I could have easily filed my nails 20 time or more and I really had to slow down to make sure I didn’t over file.

Step 3: Deep Hydrating Formula
Finally, brushed the gel-oli generously on my nails, cuticles and surrounding skin. The gel-oli contains their proprietary Phyto Crystal Complex, which is a bioactive natural nail strengthener derived from the sap of a French evergreen tree. It’s yellow, which caught me off guard at first.

What I Thought About Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System

Day 1: It was super easy to coat my nails and they were very shiny.
Day 2: My nails feel a lot smoother and more hydrated.
Day 3: A couple of my nails chipped a bit.
Day 10: Applied Nail System again.
Day 14: Nails look healthier and have stopped chipping.
Day 21: Applied Nail System for 3rd time.Overall, I really like the system! My nails definitely don’t feel as dry and brittle now. The skin around my fingernails also looks better. The thing I like best is that it just takes a few minutes to do and I can continue to do things while the oil soaks in.
Dr. Dana provided the Nail Renewal System for review purposes.

Marcie writes the family travel blog Marcie in Mommyland. When she's not traveling the world, she's home in Seattle with her husband and two little boys.


  1. Nancy Arnold Reply

    I just received this product. And have gotten to step three. I can’t get the Hydrating Formula to come down. Any suggestion would be appreciated. I have been working on it for a half hour.

    • Hi Nancy,
      Thank you for your interest in the Dr. Dana Nail Renewal System! Regarding the Step #3 Hydrating Formula, you must twist the pen about 15-20 times (product must be primed) to saturate the tip of the pen and to get the formula to come down. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions!

  2. my pen’s contents was white……..? you say yellow? what is the difference?

    • marciecheung Reply

      I’m not sure what the difference is. Mine was definitely yellow.

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