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When I was pregnant with my oldest, I was on bed rest for many months. It sucked. I mean, it REALLY sucked. But, it gave me lots of time to shop online.

Mostly, I shopped for my baby because it was the only nesting I could physically do.

Since we planned to incorporate our love of travel into how we raised our son, most items had a travel theme. I found the cutest travel onesies for babies during my online shopping sprees.

This weekend, I scoured Amazon to see what’s new (contains affiliate links.)

Jetsetter Travel Onesies

I love how universal the following travel onesies are for families who love to explore the world. They aren’t destination-specific. And they are definitely gender neutral.

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesOk. Seriously, is this Let’s Go On An Adventure Onesie not one of the cutest travel onesies ever? It’s perfect for a baby jetsetter. Or how adorable would it be for a trip to a flight museum?

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesThis Organic World Map Onesie is a subtle way to add your love of travel into your baby’s wardrobe.

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesThis Organic Future Traveler Onesie is a much more direct way to let people know that your child will be traveling with you in the near future!

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesOut of all the travel onesies I’ve seen, this I am the Adventure Baby Onesie takes the cake! No matter where you take your baby, the true adventure is raising your child!

Hawaii Travel Onesies

My Mom lives on Kauai and I took my oldest there when he was 9 months old. Kauai is a great island for babies! We’ve also had amazing trips to Maui with both our little kids.

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesI love the simplicity of this Aloha Hawaii Onesie. It has a map of the Hawaiian Islands plus it features the word Aloha. What more do you need?

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesThis Pink Aloha Palm Onesie is super girly and I love the retro vibe. They also have it in a lot of other colors. Again, it features one of my favorite words: Aloha!

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesFor those of us in cooler climates, this HiLife Lightweight Long Sleeve Onesie is a great way to commemorate a trip to Hawaii. HiLife is a super popular brand in Hawaii.

What I love most about this piece is that you can buy a larger size and just roll up the sleeves and legs to extend the use.

Paris Travel Onesies

We took our youngest to Paris when he was 6 months old. Paris is a family-friendly city that is absolutely stunning.

While many of the travel onesies for Paris are a bit girly, I managed to find a few that aren’t.

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesThis Paris City Onesie is so simple and yet so classic and chic. It would go great with a pair of baby jeans and Freshly Picked Moccs!

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesI love the artsy quality of this Paris Skyline Ink Splats Onesie. It reminds me of wandering around the little alleys of Montmarte.

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesIs there truly anything more French than the Breton Stripe? While in Paris, I stocked up on Petite Bateau striped onesies and they remind me of our trip each time my son wears one.

Had I seen this Petit Bateau Onesie, I would have grabbed it too!

Asia Travel Onesies

My oldest son’s first airplane ride was to Thailand when he was 6 months old. My kids are also half-Chinese, so I’m always on the lookout for cute travel onesies that feature Asia.

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesHong Kong has a special place in my heart. My in-laws are from Hong Kong and we went there on our honeymoon. This Bamboo Busy Hong Kong Onesie sums up the city perfectly!

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesThis Maneki-neko Lucky Charm Onesie is a fun way to bring luck to new parents!

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesMy youngest is a chunkier baby than my oldest was so this SUMO Japan Sports Onesie cracks me up!

Pacific Northwest Travel Onesies

Finally, as I’m a Seattle Mom, I had to include some of my favorite PNW onesies.

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesThis Seattle Washington Cute Whale Travel Onesie comes in an array of colors and is adorable! I love the little nod to our rain, too!

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesAs Seattle is the home of grunge, I appreciate this I Heart/Love Seattle Guitar Onesie. This would be perfect to wear to the Museum of Pop Culture!

Travel Onesies and Bodysuits for BabiesIf you’ve ever been to Portland, Oregon, you’ll recognize this iconic sign. This Portland Oregon Wild And Free Onesie may be my favorite Portland clothing item I’ve ever seen!

I hope these fun travel onesies hit the mark! They make great baby shower gifts for new parents. And they are a great way to spice up your own baby’s wardrobe!

Cutest Baby Travel Onesies


Marcie writes the family travel blog Marcie in Mommyland. When she's not traveling the world, she's home in Seattle with her husband and two little boys.


  1. These are SO cute!! I think the Paris City is my favorite but I keep changing my mind because they’re all so lovely

  2. These onesies are adorable! I’ll have to show them to my friends who have babies!

  3. These onesies are super cute! I love “Let’s Go On An Adventure” – it reminds me of The Hobbit! Great post.

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