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Has your body, um, changed since having kids? Of course it has! Growing tiny humans is quite a feat. And that means your favorite clothes that you wore pre-pregnancy might not fit anymore. We went on vacation with our 6 month old and I remember feeling horrified when I realized none of my clothes fit correctly once we got to our destination! That’s why I want to talk to you about where you can find custom pants, dresses, jumpsuits and more without having to drag the kids shopping.

Clothes Can Define Us

A few months ago, I attended the Women in Travel Summit in Quebec City as my first “professional” business trip. In my B.C. life (before kids) I worked in non-profit development and organizing community events.

There was never an opportunity for me to travel for work. I was really excited to network with other travel bloggers and soak in as much information as I could.

Photo of custom paper bag pants from eShakti, an online clothing store for women #eshakti #paperbagpants #womensfashion #custompants #customclothing
These eShakti custom pants make me feel fashionable AND comfortable. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

Life with two kids can be pretty busy, so I didn’t start packing until a week before the conference. That’s when it hit me: I have NOTHING to wear.

See, we had done KonMari on our home last Fall and I had donated all the clothes that didn’t fit right after having two kids. That left me with mostly yoga pants, a few t-shirts and one pair of jeans. Now, normally that fits my mom lifestyle pretty well.

However, I was going to a professional conference and I wanted to FEEL professional. It’s amazing how clothes can transform a person.

So, I frantically went shopping for clothing but couldn’t find anything that fit right. I ended up having to get tailoring on them (and pay the rushed fee) in order to have something ready in time for my trip.

Oh, and I had my toddler and preschooler with me in the dressing room begging for snacks and trying to escape. The whole experience was a bit stressful. And I wished I would have started a lot sooner (and without my kids.)

Finding Cute Travel Clothes for Women

But, did I learn from my mistake? No. My husband and I got to go on a kid-free getaway to New York City! I’d been planning it for almost a year. It was going to be the longest trip we’d ever taken without the kids.

Because of that, I wanted to take advantage of doing activities that weren’t kid-friendly and wear stylish clothes without fearing my toddler wiping his sticky hands on me.

Photo of customized paper bag pants, perfect for traveling, brunch, or walking around town. #eshakti #customizedclothing #customfashion #paperbagpants #custompants
The belt on this paper bag pants sealed the deal for me! Photo credit: Darren Cheung

I knew we’d be taking lots of photos and I wanted to feel cute and stylish. I was able to mix in a few pieces that I had just bought for my conference, but I wished I had a few more options. This was one of my limited opportunities to get a break from mom life and just be Marcie for a bit.

Actually, I felt myself getting frustrated. Why did ALL my clothing have to be kid-friendly? How come I didn’t replace clothing that didn’t fit correctly with pieces that actually did? Why did my boys have extensive wardrobes of adorable clothing and I had my “mom uniform?”

I wanted to feel better about myself. Self-care is a real thing and it does involve clothing choices. I decided I needed to invest in a few pieces that made me feel like the strong, confident woman I am. Then, I could quickly put them on anytime I needed a little self-esteem boost.

How eShakti Can Help

I found eShakti online when I was trying to find clothes that would fit my post-pregnancy body. The brands I used to wear just didn’t fit the same. The hardest thing for me to find was a pair of pants that fit my waist and hips correctly (without pulling or gaping.)

Photo of paper bag pants from eShakti, who specialize in custom pants, custom dresses, and custom clothing for women #eshakti #paperbagpants #seattlefashion #womensfashion #chicpants #travelpants #customclothing
And did I mention they have POCKETS!?! Photo credit: Darren Cheung

eShakti is a company that makes custom clothes. You pick the style and then customize from there! Like, for dresses, you’d pick the general style you like and then choose the color, the neckline, the sleeves, and the skirt length.

They have a lot of options that fit an array of fashion styles. Several of their items reminded me of Mod Cloth, but I loved the option on customize them. It’s a great spot to find wedding clothes, business casual looks for women, date night dresses, and more.

My Custom Pants Experience with eShakti

Since I was struggling to find chic pants to wear for date nights and for traveling kid-free, I headed straight to eShakti. I’ve been eying those paper bag pants for months now, but couldn’t find any in stores that looked right on me. So, when I saw this pair on eShakti, I was really excited!

Even though the bright red pants looked so fun and amazing, I ended up ordering the dark blue pants because they were more versatile. I liked that they had a bit of drama and I could wear them in a professional setting, pack on vacation, or wear for a date night.

Photo of custom clothing for women, a pair of customized paper bag pants for women #eshakti #paperbagpants #fallfashion #summerfashion #womensfashion #seattlestyle
I’m really happy with the way these custom pants fit, even after walking around and eating brunch! Photo credit: Darren Cheung

Now it was time to customize! I entered in all my measurements (double checking each one.) Then I added my height. Finally, I picked my pant length (choices included gauchos, capri, cropped, ankle, and full length) and sent it off!

And what’s really cool is that the price is really competitive, especially since they are custom clothing! These pants were $57.75. I hate to pay full price for just about anything (I’m a true discount shopper) so I was surprised that the prices were the same as I’d pay in stores without tailoring.

My pants arrived a couple weeks later and I couldn’t wait to try them on. They fit perfectly! I’m excited to order a few more pieces from eShakti throughout the year.

They have some gorgeous jumpsuits right now (which are so tricky for me to find the right torso length) and their dresses are super cute!

What I love most about these custom paper bag pants is that they FIT! No more tugging or hiking up pants when I stand up. Plus, they have real, full-size pockets that can hold a phone or keys. I’m in love!

You can find out more about eShakti on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

eShakti provided me with product for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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Marcie writes the family travel blog Marcie in Mommyland. When she's not traveling the world, she's home in Seattle with her husband and two little boys.


  1. Nice! Clothes can really transform how you feel. I think it’s also great that you go on trips without the kids once in a while. I’m planning to do the same when the time comes 🙂

    • As long as you can find childcare, go on as many kid-free trips as you can! It’s fun to go at your own pace sometimes!

  2. This is really great to know about. Custom clothing is soo great, it’s really nice to know about this option for the future. I like those pants too, they are really cute. The outfit is totally adorable.

  3. It is always nice to find a brand that works well for you, especially for comfortable and chi travel clothes. I wish I had this kind of experience with eShakti. They just were not a good fit for me.

  4. This is a really good idea. I had to buy some leggings and elastic waisted trousers after I had my son as my jeans would sit where my c section wound was. Although I didn’t put much weight on during pregnancy (I was only 1lb heavier than my pre-pregnancy weight 3 weeks after I had him) I have now gained 7lb due to eating crap as you don’t get time to eat properly once you have a baby ?

    • Tell me about not eating right after babies! Mine are toddler and preschool-aged and I have to sneak food so they don’t eat my whole meal!

  5. I absolutely love the bow! I am super petite so it might be too overwhelming on me, but I love it on you!

  6. My body definitely changed after having my son! It has not been the same since and I’m still getting used to it. However, I love that there is a company that makes it easier for us moms who’s bodies are so unique right now. i love the idea of getting your clothes custom made and tailored!!! And the prices are great too! That’s a plus!

  7. Custom clothing is such a great idea! I’m so picky about the fit of clothes- it’s hard to find something that’s just right!

  8. These pants are super cute on you! Love them and perfect for travel~! Have an amazing rest of the summer… its so hot in Seattle, but I love it!


  9. So cool that they custom make the pants to fit what you want. You look great in them.

  10. How awesome is this!! I love that they are custom and I love the design. I also like the versatility stylish yet functional and practical

  11. I need some custom pants in my life. I have short legs and curves and often times pants are too long or don’t fit properly. It would be nice to have some that were made just for me.

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