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Create Back to School Gifts for Teachers with Horizon Organic Yogurt

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We are embarking on one of greatest adventures yet: Preschool. What makes this endeavor so interesting is that we are entering a local preschool where my 3.5-year-old son doesn’t know any of the students or teachers yet. That means they also don’t know my son or our family.

I’ve partnered with Horizon® Organic Yogurt to create a gift bag that will help introduce my family to my son’s first preschool teacher.

Horizon organic yogurt

I’ve worked at a school, a few of my closest friends were elementary school teachers and my Dad has been a teacher my entire life.

What I’ve learned from them is that teachers always need supplies, they love gift cards and they rarely have time to eat.

Horizon Organic Yogurt cups are packed with live and active cultures and are a great way for students and teachers to ease back into the school routine. It makes an easy breakfast, accompaniment to lunch or afternoon snack that’s packed with protein.

This is our first year requiring me to prepare a lunchbox, so I’m thankful I can add in a Horizon Organic Yogurt cup and feel good about it.

The theme of my back to school gift bag is “Let’s Adventure Together.” I included items that tell a bit about our  family trips and interests. Additionally, I added items that may be useful for teachers to tackle the school year. Finally, my son included art that represented himself.

How to Create a Back to School Gift Bag for Preschool Teachers

1. Head to Walmart

Horizon organic yogurt at Walmart

The first thing I did was head to Walmart to pick up some of my supplies. We have a store really close to our house. They carry Horizon Organic Yogurt cups in their Dairy section.

I was lucky because a friendly employee was restocking the whole yogurt section and had just replenished Horizon Organic Yogurt!

Horizon organic yogurt at Walmart

My family is hooked on yogurt. We often don’t have a lot of time in the morning before we need to head out the door. I love Horizon Organic Yogurt cups because I know exactly how much my son is eating.

We also like to dress it up with dry cereal, fresh fruit or put it inside ice cream cones.

2. Gather Supplies

Coffee/Tea & Travel Mug

Travel tea press and tea

Since I don’t know my son’s teacher very well, I like to hedge my bets and include coffee and a variety of teas (caffeinated and herbal.)

I also am including a travel tea press because I know cups without lids sometimes get knocked over with little kids around.

Teacher Presents and Gift Cards

School gifts for preschool teachers

If you aren’t sure what items are needed for your preschool, stick to the basics. Hand sanitizer, baby wipes, and tissues always seem to be items that run out throughout the year.

I like to add in books about worldly travels! And you can never go wrong with notebooks!

Since teachers always appreciate gift cards to places where they actually shop, I included a variety of gift cards to popular places close to home.

Horizon Organic Yogurt Cups

Horizon organic yogurt at Walmart

We were really excited to share our passion for yogurt. I included several cups so that my son’s teacher can stash in the fridge for a quick bite before students arrive or in between sessions.



We’ve had quite a few adventures this summer. I thought it’d be fun to answer “What did you do on your summer vacation” in postcard form.

We printed out a few of our favorite photos from this summer and jotted down some memories.

3. Put everything in a shopping bag

Preschool teacher gift bag

Teachers love to reuse things. I chose to put everything in a reusable shopping bag because they are so convenient and are sturdy enough to hold heavy items. You could also decorate a paper grocery bag or add to a plastic tub.

It’s just that simple! I will probably create a few more gift bags throughout the year. Teachers can never be thanked enough and since they are shaping the person my son will become, I want to make sure they are happy, healthy, and well-fed!

Create preschool teacher gift bag with Horizon organic yogurt

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Tuesday 15th of August 2017

I love this idea! Teachers always love thoughtful gifts - and what's better than a healthy snack of Horizon yogurt cups?! #client


Tuesday 15th of August 2017

They are so yummy!

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