About Marcie in Mommyland

Welcome to Marcie in Mommyland. I started this blog because people are always telling me I’m so “brave” for traveling with a baby or toddler and they want to know how I do it. After countless emails and Facebook comments, I finally realized it would be much simpler to consolidate everything into a blog. It’s so much fun to write about our adventures and get inspired to explore new places!

The purpose of this blog is to share some of the tips and tricks that we’ve learned on our adventures so that you can set yourself up for success! It can be intimidating to think about going anywhere with your baby or toddler. And one bad experience can leave a lasting mark. Marcie in Mommyland is here to help you troubleshoot and find the right adventure for you and your family.


When reading my blog, you’ll get tips for traveling with babies, toddlers and preschoolers. You’ll also get detailed itineraries for family trips. I write sponsored posts from time to time but they are always products I either use frequently or would purchase on my own. I also have affiliate links to my favorite products for families.


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My readers are primarily Seattle-area Moms with young children who have the passion (and financial means) to travel frequently with and without their kids.


If you have any questions about traveling with small children or are a brand looking to collaborate, email me at marcieinmommyland [at] gmail.com. I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with brands and destinations! Click here for my media kit.


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About Marcie

I’m a Seattle-area Mom to my two little boys (ages 4 & 1.) Travel is very important to our family (hence the blog!) and we make it a priority to expose our kids to a variety of activities and cultures. It’s been a lot of fun for our family because it has slowed down our pace and we’ve noticed new things in places we frequent.

When I’m not traveling, I love binge watching TV shows (especially British murder mysteries that aren’t too scary!) My favorite place to go for “me time” is the spa. And I haven’t met a bakery I didn’t like.