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When I was pregnant with my first baby, I developed Placenta Previa. That’s a condition where the placenta covers the cervix. I was on bed rest for about half of my pregnancy. Some of it was at home and some was in the hospital. They both have their benefits and drawbacks, but neither of them is how anyone envisions spending their pregnancy.

7 Tips for Surviving Bed Rest while Pregnant:

  1. Get Netflix. I ended up powering through entire TV series’ (The West Wing, Gilmore Girls, Mad Men, etc.) This distracted myself from getting sucked into reading scary pregnancy stories online.
  2. Limit Visitors. Try to actually rest while on bed rest. I spent a majority of my time in the hospital entertaining visitors. While it was fun to see friends and family and catch up, it was actually quite exhausting and left me drained. When you add in the difficulty of sleeping while pregnant, it’s important to rest when you can.
  3. Call Friends/Family: While entertaining visitors can be draining, making a few short phone calls keeps you connected to the outside world. If you get tired, you can simply end the call and take a nap. I usually bombarded my husband with questions when he came home because some days he was the only person I talked to.
  4. Food/Drink Stash: It’s super important that you have something to eat and drink within an arm’s reach. At the hospital, it’s easy to get someone to bring stuff to your room. If you are home alone on bed rest, it’s vital that you have a big glass of water and food items that can be kept out all day. If you are lucky, you can have pre-made meals in the fridge that you can grab or quickly heat up.
  5. Limit Online Shopping: It’s way too easy to go nuts shopping online, especially for cute baby things, when you are on bed rest. This can be dangerous! While there’s nothing wrong with constantly updating your baby registries, it can get expensive quickly if you buy everything that looks cute.
  6. Research Baby Activities: It really helped me focus on life after bed rest when I started looking into things I could do after my baby was born. I was able to narrow down the classes I wanted to take and programs I wanted to participate in. I’m glad I did this because once my son was born, my brain turned to jelly for awhile. I wouldn’t have had the focus to do research.
  7. Have Tech-Free Time: I found myself getting sucked into any screen. So it was important for me to silence my phone, turn off the TV, power down my laptop and either read a book, do a crossword or take a nap. This gave my eyes a rest from staring at a screen.

The most important thing that I found was to stop stressing out about all the things I wasn’t able to do  while on bed rest. It’s a very frustrating experience when you feel like you should be doing housework, running errands or exercising. It’s vital that you remind yourself that you are doing what’s best for your baby right now.

Surviving Bed Rest while Pregnant


Marcie writes the family travel blog Marcie in Mommyland. When she's not traveling the world, she's home in Seattle with her husband and two little boys.

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