We took our 6-month-old on his first airplane ride earlier this month to Barcelona, Spain. From Seattle, this was quite a long journey involving 2 airplanes. Not only did he sleep a lot on the airplane, but he transitioned to the correct time zone almost seamlessly. We also brought our 3-year-old and traveled with another family. He did much better than the rest of us!

I loved packing for this vacation. When I think of Spain, I think of fresh fruit, live music, flamenco dancing, bull fighting and leather. Freshly Picked‘s B-A-N-A-N-A-S leather moccasins were a perfect fit for this trip! Not only did they keep my son’s feet covered so we felt respectful when visiting cultural attractions but they added a sense of whimsy to his clothes! I especially loved that they worked well with long pants or little rompers.

Besides packing, half the fun of travel for me is the planning part. I love to create detailed itineraries of places to go that are near each other and then mark which restaurants are highly recommended. We took a lot of advice from European travel guru Rick Steves to know what to order in particular restaurants. After we figured out our food options, we really focused on which attractions would be fun to do with little kids. Barcelona is filled with exciting options for families, so it was really difficult to narrow it down.

Freshly Picked Moccasins in Barcelona, Spain
Freshly Picked’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S moccasins were a perfect fit in Barcelona’s colorful Park Guell designed by Gaudi.

One of our favorite moments included exploring Gaudi’s Park Guell in Barcelona. We arrived at 8pm and looked out over all of Barcelona from the most beautiful benches. My son looked at the mosaics on the benches in wonder. Had they not been made of concrete, I would have let him sit on his on for awhile. Thankfully my friend spotted him! The park is quite large so we just had time to see a fraction of it, but it left us wanting to return to see even more. For my husband, it was a photographer’s dream location!

Freshly Picked in Barcelona
A gypsy woman held our baby during a street fair in Barcelona. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

After lunch one day, we experienced a mini street fair where people gathered to celebrate the upcoming Barcelona FC football match. So many tourists and locals alike came to see what was going on, as the street filled with people. My husband rushed over with our kids and took some photos with a gypsy woman. I really enjoyed listening to the music and feeling the energy in the air. And after a few minutes, the people dissipated and life went back to normal. That’s life in Barcelona.

We were only in Barcelona for a few days and we all want to go back for much longer to truly explore one of the most visually stunning cities I’ve seen! I highly recommend Barcelona to families traveling with small children because the people are so friendly and there are many places to take kids that are fun for the whole family. Barcelona, we will be back!

Freshly Picked Mocs

Freshly Picked provided me with a complimentary pair of moccasins.