Barcelona, Spain is a vibrant city that is ideal for families. We traveled to Spain with some family friends who also have a 3-year-old. We found that the people of Barcelona are so friendly with children. Barcelona also offers many activities and attractions that are perfect for children of all ages. One of the most distinct attractions is Gaudi’s Park Guell.

We had tickets for 7:30pm for the monument area of Park Guell. My friend and I had trouble finding a taxi since there was a Barcelona FC game that evening. We ended up leaving our hotel at 7:20pm and got to Park Guell around 7:50pm. Knowing we had a 30 minute window on our tickets, we picked up our pace and looked for the monumental entrance.

Park Guell in Barcelona
We found the entrance to Park Guell to be a bit overwhelming. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

My friend and I found the signage at Park Guell quite confusing. It wasn’t obvious where the ticketed area was. We asked some people who were walking around the park and they had no idea there even was a ticketed area. We took a gamble and started heading down a path that thankfully paid off!

From what we could tell, the ticket got us into an open terrace space surrounded by a winding bench wall. The wall overlooked the city of Barcelona and it was quite a spectacular view! The benches weren’t super comfortable (they are made of concrete) but the mosaics on them were very cool!

Park Guell in Barcelona
There were several spots like this for kids to explore. Photo credit: Darren Cheung

We let the boys run around the Terrace area for quite awhile while we looked at the map. The map basically had a lot of historical information, rather than pointing out where to go next. Once the boys were adequately covered in dust, we headed down to the base of the park. They especially enjoyed running through the tunnels and up and down the stairs.

We thought we could just grab a taxi at the exit of Park Guell after we were done exploring, . There was a sign indicating a taxi stand just down the street. We followed the sign but never found the taxi stand. Therefore, we ended up walking quite a way to get to a main street and then flagged down a taxi to take us back to the hotel.

View of Barcelona from Park Guell
The view from Park Guell was breathtaking! Photo credit: Darren Cheung

5 Tips for Park Guell with a Baby + Preschooler

  1. Reserve tickets. While Park Guell is free and open to the public, the monument area is by ticket only. These tickets sell out quickly. We went in the morning and were able to get tickets for the following evening. Children ages 6 and under are free.
  2. Go early. We went in the evening and the park got pretty dark before we were done exploring. Our 3-year-olds were a bit scared walking around the park in the dark. My son was especially scared when we entered the column room.
  3. Don’t bring a stroller. Park Guell is not designed with strollers in mind. The entrance starts with lots and lots of stairs. So, I used my Tula baby carrier and it was so easy to just wear my 6-month-old.
  4. Bring food and drinks. Park Guell has a couple of little restaurants on site but they are pricey. There is a little take-away restaurant around the corner of the entrance to Park Guell. Even though I didn’t have the best customer service experience there, but the food was tasty. They offered sandwiches, crepes, freshly cut fruit, pasta and an assortment of drinks. This is a great option for families with toddlers and preschoolers.
  5. Be prepared to get dusty. My friend and I were surprised to find our pants covered in dust. In hindsight, we shouldn’t have been so surprised. Our preschoolers ran around in the dirt in the monument area and kept running up to hug us. As a result, only my baby stayed cleaned because he was strapped to me!

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Park Guell with a Baby and Preschooler

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